Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garage Love

Oskar (not to be confused with Oscar my boy) - with a K - the owner of Luxe de Ville, my vintage store of choice, is also my neighbor. Today he had a garage sale and I found almost the exact Erica Tanov shearling vest I'd just tried to get to no avail as it's sold out everywhere! Not only did I get the jacket, which is gorgeous with a silk paisley lining, I also got the killer boots! It made my Saturday. Thank you Oskar.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Prosperity is just around the corner

This was my fortune the other night from a cookie. I wonder if it is not a far more common fortune these days. "Umm, it's the most in-demand fortune." When you order cookies from the fortune cookie store for your restaurant you can ask for the timely and encouraging batch.

In any case, I was thinking of printing it on one of my bags. Something a little better than above, a little subtler...however I actually kinda like this, but I like anything that resembles a French mariner stripe. That's my new workbag at its last photoshoot - it comes in 5 colors, one of which is 1970's vintage zebra-print canvas.

Get out!! Don't you want to go to work with that?

All of the bag children are in NY right now at the D&A show. Fingers crossed.

But speaking of using vintage fabric - VIVIER REMAKE style, this is where I'm going tonight and just looking at the pic, I know I don't have the right shoes to wear.

Sally's speaking on "Conscientious Consumption: Sustainability and the Future of Luxury" - sounds like VIVIER REMAKE to me...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Comme Comme des Garcons - JDubs style

It's Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons...took me a while because I've had a ridicubusy week. But anyway, I like what Sarah Mower said about this line on
"Excursions to the African continent have been a persistent theme in the Spring shows: surely something to do with the urge to get as far away from the West's problems as possible. Junya Watanabe has gone there, too, but on his runway there was no sense of panicked escapism. As the sound of spring birdsong twittered on the soundtrack, out came girls carrying sheaves of flowers in towering head wraps, and an instant atmosphere of sunny serenity filled the room."

My favorite fabrics at the store.

My friend Chinami is a writer for Madame Figaro Japan. It is the most lovely magazine, it is so frustrating to not be able to read a thing in it. She passes me copies every month and I pour over them, mentally noting the things I'd like to ask her to translate for me which I never do. In the most recent, there's an editorial spread of some designer who I think I figured out is Comme Des Garcons has used African prints like these (on top shelf above )in their Spring line. I've always loved these prints, but they're hard to use with out looking too hippy or just wrong. So mostly I just buy them for their beauty and don't use them - although I've used some for linings. But the CDG line was gorgeous, refined and happy. I'll find online pics and post.