Monday, April 27, 2009

De retour

Wow, I let a lot of time go by since the last post. In my defense, it was my boy's spring break last week and I'm getting ready to ship out my biggest order yet to Japan. A whole week of being a full time mama to a 5 year old and trying to run an international business, just doesn't leave a whole lotta time for blogging about pretty things. But I've missed it. How can I get you back, readers?

So I've really not got much, but I thought I'd include a few of my recent purchases for summer and a snap shot of a vignette in my office to get me started again.

1. Harem pants, do you have any yet? I remember a few months ago asking my friend if she thought I could wear them and she said, nah. But that she could. Because she's almost 6 feet tall. But here's the thing: I couldn't get them out of my head so I had to go try them on at Mohawk, and I quickly found out that you don't have to be statuesque to wear them! They are Mary Meyer's Sahara pants and I love them, I've been wearing them everyday since I got them. The sandals were purchased at the same time from Mohawk and I shall be wearing them constantly once the weather really heats up.

2. The white moccasins. I know, I know, mocs have been in for a while and every Mary-Kate and Ashley has been wearing them. But in WHITE! Ugh, they are just too cute. Kinda make me wanna scream. And old school Minnetonka-style, too. Keepin it real for a Minnesota girl like myself.

3. Coffee table books. All up here instead of down in living room or elsewhere appropriate because of the fact that their sizes are incredibly close to various laptops. Thus, they are my "mannequins" if you will, for my laptop envelops. The white lace Vivier foldover clutch is the one from the invite to the pop-up store/trunk show at Taylor De Cordoba. I kept one for myself.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mariage Greta et David

I haven't posted anything for a week because I've had house guests and a busy week culminating with the wedding of my very dear friend Greta. I was wondering what to put for today's post while perusing the pictures mon cher mari took at the wedding and my god, there were some good looking people there. So I thought I'd just post this collage as my Monday a.m. style report. Greta couldn't have been more chic in a dress by Lanvin. Snow was wearing Gary Graham. Nat looked like a 70's French film star. Don't know the gorgeous English woman named Natasha, girlfriend of the equally good looking Brit best man, but she was a charm. KK is our friend from NY, where she is a fashion editor at a glossy, she was lovely and envy-inducing in a black jumpsuit. David, oh David, the groom. How happy and handsome in a smart gray suit.

My father officiated the ceremony. His bow tie is ubiquitous and yes, he is always so dapper and definitely one of my personal style icons.

Make sure you click image to see larger.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring too soon

These are my latest thrift store find. No, not from Oskar's, but from another undisclosed location with some equally as good finds. The problem is that winter's over, not that we ever have a real winter here in LA, but we do have a time when black suede thigh-high boots, no matter how chic, are appropriate and a time when they're not. It's getting to be just about the latter and I'm totally bummed. I figure I've got a few more nights in them, but soon just the idea of boots even at night will incite a heat rash.

Click for a better look! I KNOW I've got to get another way to show off outfits du jour, but I never said I was a graphic designer (nor a model, ahem...). I am, however, a bag designer. Hey, did you see those three bags with the boots? Oh my god, I love love love my VIVIER work bag - it holds my laptop in the center padded pocket. I'll keep it for myself in black and natural canvas, but the tie dye one, the tie dye one! is vintage fabric from the 70s which is backed with sturdy canvas. I could hang it on the wall like a piece of art. But I am a little obsessed with quality and history of fabrics. The black clutch is part of the REMAKE line - items made of remnant leather. I just got this amazing black tooled suede from Italy. I've got about 5 hides, so I can make about 15 of these. How gorg are they?? Email me ( quick if you want to order one.