Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Week Went By

A weekly recap of a few of my favorite moments:
Michael sent me this image yesterday from the Anthropologie catalogue that came in the mail.
I've always loved the Anthro catalogue: masters of prop styling, its always a visual feast  so it's a big deal for me that we've got two items on one page! The striped clutch and the Weekender.
And a few days ago I'd snapped this pic of KB with the same clutch just before shipping a load off to them.
I like her high waisted jeans, her slightly transparent T and her Isabel boots.
Last Saturday night, we were invited to some of our favorite friend's house for a dinner party. In France, they are big on "plan de tables" meaning seating charts. You sit boy, girl and you never sit next to your spouse/partner. That night we had name cards drawn by their 8-yr-old, Diego - best friend of Oscar. I love mine. The girl. The bag.
Perhaps a testimony to our faulty parenting (or perhaps a good way to socialize kids, how will we know?), we brought Oscar with us and chatted blissfully away with the dinner set while he crashed on the sofa with my fuzzy vest.
 Speaking of fuzzy vests, I seem to have a thing for them these days.
I just got this beauty from Space519 in Chicago.
 We love this store - they sell CV and they are some of the most enthusiatic people on the planet. I saw this vest on their newsletter and had to have it. 
 My own private closet visit. Every week a shoe fairy comes to my closet and lines up all my shoes like this. 
 I love her way of arranging them. Hanging by the heels: Blahnik, Mius, Hardy. Cute.
 The tan ankle boots found a shelf to chill under.
 Barneys gold sparkles & suede are the newest addition to the CV shoe family. 
I took this pic on my last trip to NY at a dinner at Odeon. Tomorrow, is Monday and I'm waking at a god awful hour to haul myself to a training session, then getting Oscar ready to go to school in costume, then working at the studio, then going trick or treating, then flying to NY (again) on a red-eye for meetings all week. So...see ya soon with new images from the week in Nueva York.  Happy Monday, (Happy Halloween) and have a great week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community Collection

Remember that website I talked about a few days ago but couldn't mention?
Well, it launched
Community Collection is a really cool & benevolent shopping site which combines flash sales with giving a percentage of purchases to the charity of the designer's choice. You can read about it here on, on Blackbook and on Digital Journal. 
Our sale is next week! Exciting. We're so happy to be apart of a new shopping concept and to be in such distinguished company! (That's me looking really serious. I'm serious about the ocean, yo.)
They offered these clutches to editors announcing their launch.
Accompanied by this card.
Two days ago we received this package as a thank you gift from them.
Two cookies came home with me for Oscar. Mental note: Send more thank you gifts. They are the best.

Shopping shouldn't have to hurt your conscience.
By the way, our sale may not be 'til next week, but for their Current Elliot sale they've paired our bags with CE clothes. I love it. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Images from around the Studio

When I haven't blogged in a while you can be sure it's only because we're crazy busy around here...and I can be sure that I've just lost a huge portion of readers who'd given up on me - thought this was just another blogger's graveyard...
Well, it's not a graveyard - although there are many heavenly things happening around here,
like these white Trops for Spring. :) See, samples like these and others below come in the studio and I shoot them then a million things take me away and nothing gets posted. 

 Here's Saehee with the 8" white trop.
 Cute Saehee with the 5" Trop. 
 The blue suede tote...
 A pile of striped totes before heading out to Anthropologie
 Here's a special order tote we made for someone out of Trop leather. I love it and we'll make it again for sure.
 Masculine and chic and refined.
 Special order yellow Weekender - it's sooo happy, wouldn't it be fun to travel with this? We'll add this to line for sure too!!
 Silver Sac Bretelle hanging next to a Heather Levine mobile before it was sent to Japan - the bag, not the mobile. The mobile is still available at the store along with other exquisite Levine pieces. 
 OMG CANDY colors!!! Striped Pochettes for a store special order - I'll let you know as soon as they are ready for you...
 These are just to die for, I'm sorry now you must die...(JK!)
 Here are some pochette samples that pulled up to the studio - we're testing colors and recipes for the ink. I want these particular ones - yellow, orange and blue to go to a certain store: Steven Alan opening in San Francisco in early November, I don't know why. I just think they'd be cute there. By the way, the Steven Alan store isn't privy to this vision of mine but if they don't take them we can find another home. :)
 These pink, white and black striped Pochettes shipped to a very cool, brand new online store which I guess I can't tell you until Monday. That's what they told me.
 I can only tell you that this is a store you're going to love...I have high hopes for it!
 Look who stopped by yesterday:
 Yea, that's right his name is Carlos. Don't wear it out.
I think he and I are going to be good friends.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I cut therefore I am

I like to joke with my friends that I have a cutting problem, no, not the self-abuse type, but more like the wardrobe-enhancement type...It's all been documented on this blog somewhere, I cut boots, boots, and boots, inches off dress hems, pants and after reading this I think Garance has taken a page from my book :) and I'll be trying that fur sure sometime soon...
But one thing I hadn't dared until this weekend was cutting my own hair. There's something a little reckless, wild or maybe desperate about the idea of cutting one's own hair. 
Visions of women on the lam (Salt), or needing to become a man (Joan of Arc), or just simply losing one's mind (Britney Spears) come to mind.
I assure you, it was none of these. Just the feeling that I couldn't stand my long drab hair for one more minute, the impatience to wait for an actual appointment from my regular hair person, and the confidence that I could actually do it made me grab the scissors during Sunday cartoons.
It would be cool if this were a do-it-yourself instructional post where I could teach you how to cut your own hair. Alas, I would not recommend doing this at home. I think it is one cutting job that should actually be left to the professionals.
It is good enough for my wavy hair that you can hide a lot of imperfections in although there may be a few straggling hairs here-n-there that I haven't found yet. It'll be a work in progress - as haircuts should never be.
But the worst part about it was clean up!