Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sneak Peek Inside CVHQ

Hi everyone, it's Alexis! Clare's traveling to Paris this week, so I've taken over her blog for the day. I wanted to give you a sneak peek inside our studio here at CVHQ. You'll see cute CV staffers, the cool things that inspire us every day, luxe sheets of leather and what's currently on Clare's mood board. These are some of my favorite shots! 

 Every morning when we walk into the studio, we're greeted by this mesmerizing painting by Hadley Holliday - it's the perfect bright spot to start the day. The colors go so perfectly with my new crush: the Weekender in Blush (coming soon to CV web and stores)!

This shot makes it look like we work in an airport hanger, but really our space is a bit cozier than that. Here, Saya and Tran are talking shop in the corner while everyone else looks very hard at work! 

Look at all these outgoing orders! Greta's manning the shipping dolly, making sure all of the packages get out in time - and into your hands! Plus, she's wearing the Julie, a new favorite that all the girls in the office are going crazy for! 

I couldn't resist adding in this photo because the light fixture is just so pretty. The metal arms look like beautiful tree branches and bring some sculptural detail to our studio space. 

Racks and racks of leather samples. See anything you like? Clare's always testing out a bunch of great new textures, colors and printed leathers for upcoming seasons.

Mood boards are my favorite window into a designer's mind. Currently on Clare's? Enough to take up an entire wall in her office! There are tons of samples lined up on the bottom and great shots from magazines that have been inspiring her. And those shirts are pretty darn cute - also coming to a CV store near you this Spring!

Clare grabbed this sketch right off of our graphic designer, Lizzie's desk. It's a great graphic representation of what CV is all about. And it frames the lovely Louise so perfectly.

And this is Clare's desk. Since we'd had a photographer in the office, those are Hollyflora beauts on her desk. Underneath one of her jackets and sweaters it he Kneeland Co. thick loop chair covering and some still-to-be-hung posters sit in the background.

Anything else you'd like to see? Send us a tweet @ShopClareV!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring Is Looking Good!

We had some photos taken around the office last week and the photog (my husband) captured our Spring bags shining bright and colorful at CVHQ. I wanted to share these pics with you all with the hope that you get as excited about what Spring has in store as we are! Some styles are already available online and they'll be hitting stores soon too. 

I just love how much color is crammed into this one photo. The Madeleine Petit got a makeover in the prettiest new British Tan for the season and you can see the zip wallets with cool color combos and bright striped goodness. 

I was so excited when our graphic designer Lizzie created this spotted print months back and it looks even better in person. I'm craving this Foldover Clutch in this charming black mini spots print for Spring. 

The girls in the office are seriously crushing on the Julie, this adorable crossbody that we think is just the perfect size. That navy and red spots print is a sweet pop of color. 

The Mini Sac looking fresh in a bright aqua with cute, contrasting straps in cream and tomato. 

Here's the lineup in our sample room. I spy suede and stripe Simple Totes, Weekenders, Madeleines, the new Sandrine and more! SO exciting! 

I couldn't leave out this little lineup of adorable Spring Madeleines. That green is so good! 

I love the rope handles on the new Marine Grande tote. It'll be my beach bag, picnic bag and farmers market bag all in one - it's fun and super functional! 

And one of my absolute favorites, the Sandrine. It's got everything I've loved about the Duff in a new chic shape that opens completely so you can get a good look at everything you're carrying around. This black basketweave is such a pretty update on basic black - and a clutch fits perfectly inside.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Quick Trip to NYC

This week I had to take a super quick trip to NY - in and out in just over 24 hours! There were a few exciting meetings to be had, fashion shows to see, and a super swank party with some lovelies at Conde Nast to attend. How could I resist? Alexis asked me to document my day in photos while I was there so that I could share. Voila - a day in the life! 

I arrived super late to the hotel so in the a.m., I had to get everything organized and my schedule set for a jam-packed day. My large herringbone duff and my iPad mini clutch would be my daily companions. I love my monogrammed mini clutch, it's just gotten better with age. I tied a grosgrain ribbon to the zipper pull which I love and will do on some bags for the collection soon. 

Just a few blocks from our store in Nolita, I walked by this beautiful mural that Maya Hayuk was in the middle of executing on Bowery and Houston. We stopped and watched her and her two assistants for a little while. How beautiful are those colors? I just love the way they look set against the Polar Vortex slush.

That afternoon, I went to the Tome fashion show. I've loved watching what the designers create each season - and this show was no exception. I was enchanted by the oversized coats, silk dresses and camel and red color combination. 

Next up was Marissa Webb, who always gets it right. I had the perfect view of the models coming down the runway from my seat. This red was the perfect shade. I want these trousers.

I admired this woman's answer to a regular winter coat at the Tome show, the quilted Japanese coat belted was different and chic. Then after the show, I spied her as she walked past me and was so excited, she was carrying a CV foldover clutch! I pulled a CV geek move and introduced myself and asked if I could photograph her. She agreed to have her picture taken and said she was a big CV fan! So nice.

And the pièce de résistance of the trip was the Conde Nast party, hosted by Anna Wintour and Christy Turlington. It was to toast Pilar Guzman, the new Editor in Chief of Conde Nast Traveler and they had an amazing turnout - just look at the always glowing Christy Turlington next to super talented photographer Ines van Lamsweerde. Pilar emailed and told me she carries her CV clutch with her everywhere and it was the perfect bag for vacation as you can use it inside your beach bag then pull it out for dinner at night. They purchased 150 oversize clutches to put the magazine in and give away as goodie bags, it was awesome! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

At The Store with Rachel

You may be coming by the CV flagship in Silverlake for the bags, but I'm always inspired by our shopgirls' style. I have to admit - they're all so darn cute :) This week I wanted to do a post on Rachel, who works in the store, and who is always adorably dressed in her signature high-waist jeans. I always love stopping by to see what she's wearing - and how she styles her CV. 

Q: What CV bag are you wearing now?
A: The store's 1-year anniversary tote - I just can't retire it!

Q: Which bag are you most looking forward to for Spring?
A: The Kenya and the Julie, they're looking so good for Spring.

Q: What are you wearing today and how'd you style it?
A: It is simple and I feel comfortable in it, for me that's half the battle with style. I always want to wear something where I don't think I will look back and cringe.

Q: What's your favorite part about working in the store?
A: I really enjoy talking to customers that come in, they are so excited about CV. A lot of the time they have been coveting a specific bag for a long time, so it's fun to be a part of that. I really have met lovely people here.

Q: What's your favorite place to eat in Silverlake?
A: Sqirl or L&E Oyster Bar.

Q: Any Silverlake recommendations for someone who's new to the area?
A: I would tell them to just walk, there are so many random gems that you'll miss by driving.

Q: What can you be found doing in Silverlake when you're not working at the store?
A: Most likely walking/running the reservoir with my dog or at the army supply store - I'm keen on their wool pants when I can track them down.