Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are Striped

Me and the new striped tote. Available here. The tote. Not me. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fetish Un Peu?

After delicious lunch at LV (see below), Kee and I made a trip to Edon Manor shoe store in Tribeca last week.

After reminding myself that I really wouldn't be dining at Valentino's country villa any time soon and wouldn't need the perfect winter boot for the occasion - my very sensible side beat my fantasy-glam side down. Alaia leopard = no. A Wang ankle boots = CV love affair.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living for Fall

I went to NY during a terrible heat wave in LA with a suitcase full of sweater vests and trousers that never saw the light of day because even though I tried really hard to exploit every tiny breeze Manhattan mustered, ultimately, it was just too early for fall and mostly it was just a boggy late summer clime that made my hair frizz. Alas, I hear this week it's actually cooling off back east and autumn is in the air.
Fall is my favorite season. It's the coziest. The food is rich again, the wardrobe is the best (boots and scarves!) and as a kid I always loved going back to school. 
So I was thrilled when my mom told me yesterday that my brother told her (who's wife told him) that my bag was in October issue of Living.  I went right out and bought it. Yay! To have La Trop be featured in Editor's Choice page is such an honor...Thanks style editor Tanya Graff, I concur, it is the perfect work tote! And so happy I got the mag - look at that cover: it's got "cozy" written right on it and there are some yummy fall recipes I'd like to try. Now, if only Mother Nature could summon a little chill for LA...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Bike Days

While in NY for one week, I had the good fortune of eating at:
odeon 3x
cercle rouge 2x
That's right, for one week, I barely left the neighborhood. With the exception of maybe Cafe  Cluny, these are all in a one mile radius of Steven Alan showroom where I'd spend my days, and KK and Michael's apartment where I'd spend my nights.
Yesterday, I had my last lunch before heading back to LA this am, with Simone at Smith & Mills and upon leaving, I was introduced to her newest mode of transportation.

How gorgeous is this ride?
She's pretty cute, too in her Tucker dress, fancied up with a colorful belt. 
Simone got her bike at the independent bike shop Adeline Adeline and she has put the shop owner Julie and me in touch to perhaps do a bike bag collabo. One day when we have the time, we'll get to that. 
Look at that classy Brooks seat. 
Simone, being the floral designer for Babbo, will often be seen around town with a basket full of these. 
Add a little nicely aged Tropezienne tote and this makes me want to live in a city where we ride bikes more often. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Très Attachant le défilé de A Detacher...

I was finally able to attend a fashion show during fashion week and it was one of my favorites! 

We were front row at the end of the line - best seats in the house because it was where the models would stop and turn - too bad my iPhone's shutter was a bit sluggish! It was a stellar show, just lovely pieces from start to finish. I was so excited to get to see a show and a line I actually love as well! But please, don't take my iPhone pics for proof - go see the shots.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Small Town NYC + Sneak Peak

I'm in New York presenting new bags for Spring 2012 market at Steven Alan showroom and can't believe what a small town it can seem like here. I've run into good friends the last two nights and I've been having great meals. Here's a sneak peak at the bags along with gastronomic details of my past few days.
After FNO at SA on Thursday night (which was so much fun and get over there right now to get an exclusive back-to-school CV canvas bag if you haven't already been there), I went to Odeon with KK and Michael and we ran into Lara and Jared so we ended up getting a large table for all of us - new friends were made. Friday a.m. I had a breakfast date with my new friend Julie at Locanda Verde especially for their ricotta grilled toast.

After that for breakfast, I really thought I'd never eat again, alas I had business lunch date with Mr. Alan at...Odeon. Ha! I had to eat something to not be rude so I ordered yummy tomato soup. It was all I could handle after a truckload of fresh ricotta, and it was perfect with a glass of rose Sancerre. 

Last night, Simone and I ate a delicious dinner at Annisa. Chef Anita Lo just published her first book in which she mentions Simone's husband in the preface, so that was fun to read. After that we strolled towards the Bon Appetit / Rag & Bone party at Frankies Sputino 570, but before we got there we stopped to sit on the benches outside Cafe Cluny and ran into Michael and his friend Peter so we had a glass of wine and chatted for a bit while they ate succulent chicken.
Then on to the party where there more than a few gorgeous types like Karolina Kurkova and Gucci Westman, and I had the pleasure of running into Mr. Andrew Rosen who owns Rag & Bone and Theory and I met his wife and we got to chat about how my bags sell at his stores. Small town NYC.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steven Alan l Fashion's Night Out

If you are in New York please come check out the exclusive Clare Vivier canvas bags!