Monday, March 28, 2011

Must Clutch It

If I hadn't received a very nice comment on the last entry with this link from RF29, I'd have missed it completely. Google alerts, wake up!? In any case, I'm so happy they listed Theory as the place to pick up your must-have Spring accessory, as we are about to send them lots-mo-clutches for Spring.
Shipping navy...and
white tomorrow. They are lovely and soo crisp for your Spring & Summer weekends on Iles d'Or, France, or, er, Any Town, USA (like me.) Imagine how they would look with this outfit - I. Want. And wait 'til we ship the dahlia purple - it's a must-er-have for sure. Pics to follow.
p.s. I'm loving all these outfits on Theory's site put together by various stylists. Kate Lanphear, please come to my closet. Stat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Days in Our New Digs

Matilde returned from 3 weeks in Belgium so our team is back intact. We are in our new space and so excited to be working with Kathryn Bentley and her little team too. We're busy trying to ship orders, people are coming in to visit (like Bo from Mohawk, who bought KB and CV for her shop yesterday:) ), and we're still decorating/unpacking! Here are a few pics from around our studio yesterday. 
Our new leopard print clutch!
My birthday gift Roger Herman ceramic bowl, filled with Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri makes our space smell sooo good.
A look at the space, this is the back area - our work shop with a sample, moss green Bando bag front and center. I love it. We will add these to site.
Royal blue pebbles being shot. I'm wearing my NY tennies, I spoke of in last post. :)
Bo trying on a black Bando, with grosgrain ribbon detail which was then packaged up and sent to a customer in New York.
A new sample of our leopard clutch! Game changer. Will be on site shortly, I promise...
A lovely yellow oversize clutch we made and sent to Lucky Magazine. Can you say Springtime?! Yowzaaa. I want this bit of sunshine. Once again, it will be on site soon. Hopefully my web guy reads my blog and will follow suit on all these promises. :)
I'm beginning to think that it is my specialty to put things on my blog which are not yet available on the site! I apologize, just trying to keep up with all the balls we have in the air. But have you seen the new site?!! At least you can clearly order clutches of all colors! The Simple Tote in leather!! The "triple threatSac Bretelle!! This is huge for us. I'll just say it for you: Welcome to 2011 Clare Vivier :)...xoxo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Randomly Catching-Up

These are all pictures I've taken with my iPhone over the last month. I've left the million or so I've taken of Oscar out, but here are some of my other favorites.
This same ol shoe sitch happened in New York on my second trip as on my first (of 2 trips in February.) I was walking somewhere, somewhere everyone told me was not far, just a little bit east then a little north and a few blocks further. Right, right, got it. Only I was wearing these lovely, Christmas gift, Rachel Comey's which don't appear to have a high heel, but man, walking the streets of NY reminds us non-newyorkers how little we actually walk - in heels! I should say, to sound a tad more sympathetic, I had walked A LOT already in the Comey's that day. 

Anyhow, I searched out the closest shoe store. This time, no such luck as a Saks 5th Ave on the corner, nah, this time it was one of those very random sneaker emporiums with barely a name - something like "A-1" maybe, but they sell every brand of trainer you could ever care for. Last year's models, but I wouldn't know the difference. I was going to get some simple Chucks. But they didn't have my size. Undeterred, I was not leaving that store in-Comey, then these bad-boys caught my eye. I thought they were nuts, and thought maybe I was too old for them since I am out of high school but I bought them anyway, but now I LOVE them. Neon! Cute!
I've taken pictures of a few pieces of mail I got recently. This one for the GORGEOUS hand-script. I'm slightly addicted to it. I may have a hand writing fetish. And I love the little way it is torn and ink blotted for added character. I kinda want to frame it.

I got this letter from a customer who sent her Trop back to be gold-stamped, because somehow it went out with out it. Ooops. However, they way she addressed the letter is just priceless. I would like to always be addressed this way: Dear Lady Miss Clare, please.

OR, you could address me as "Player" Vivier, they way this company did. I was so excited to get this package, I thought it was from a friend, only one friend could get away with calling me this - Simone. But alas it was an honest mistake from one of our vendors - player rhymes with Clare over the phone,  you see. Oh man, we got the biggest laugh out this around the office. Even better when we had to translate for Matilde what a Player was, unfortunately when she understood she laughed a bit too hard, ahem, but I'll let that slide. Now Jocelyn likes to say, "s'up 'Player' Vivier?"

Went to see the Clare Rojas show. :)
Our new studio space - at nightfall.  Slightly romantic vibe, no?

On a cloudy day in Los Angeles, a little less dreamy. Thankfully we only have 3 cloudy days a year. 

Ahh, there's our sky. I can't stop taking pictures of it. This is it's "street" look, with grill down, don't mess with it.

Exposed beam ceilings = warm + industrial. 

Perfectly beat up cement floors and lovely windows.

K.B. got really good at constructing our saw-horse desk bases.

Jealous of our Knoll offices chairs off criagslist? They are one of the things I'm most excited about.

Merci K.B.

This weekend we make the real move. Internet arrives over there today and ideally we are working in there on Monday!! Come see us! We're open by appt only for while, until we get really rolling. xoxo

Saturday, March 12, 2011

1404 Micheltorena - Silverlake. Coming soon.

So much is going on...there was this Ghost Project for Kartell, I was doing last week. 
See the chair I'm sitting in? 
We had good studio visits all week at the old CViv HQ, with lovely ladies in CV like Jeana Sohn.
Designer Jesse Kamm
Jeweller Maya Brenner
Ginger-headed beauty Kimberly Muller.

But most of all, what's happening is: Bye bye all the wonderful ladies who visited us at my home studio. 
We will no longer be accepting studio visits at the Vivier residence.
Because we got a STOREFRONT! Yep, with studio space too!  
We are now proud Silverlake business owners - sharing a space with the talented miss Kathryn Bentley.
Opening in a moment's time.
More to come. 
Can't wait to see you there.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 + Royal blue = Love

Each morning, when the sun or Oscar wakes us up, before maybe we even open our eyes, le mari et moi turn to our respective nightstands and grab our ipads and check email that came during the 6 or 7 hours we've been disconnected, er, I mean asleep. And, yes, I'm aware that this may sound crazily techno-addicto to some, but remember, we both have our own businesses where many things can come up on different timezones. Besides we're all just doing the best we can. :) This morning, my iPad emails revealed an anonymous comment posted to this blog that read "More press! Love your clutches" with a link to Vogue!
Lawren Howell, contributing editor at Vogue, bought this clutch at one of our holiday sales. I sent her an invite and was thrilled to get a response saying she was planning on stopping by. She bought this clutch, a pebble red clutch for her sister and a Tropezienne for another gift. She's just gorgeous and I'm pleased-as-punch to see her wearing it. It really makes the outfit come together, right?
Sometimes iPads can be lovely things to wake up to.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grace goes to Paris

Grace came over yesterday because she was leaving for Paris only a few hours after hitting my studio and she absolutely needed a Simple tote in leather for her trip. I've written about this phenomenon I call "women on the verge of departure" before, so I completely understood.
She left her two young daughter's for the first time and went to Paris for the first time (exciting!) for a very coveted meeting regarding her jewelry at a GREAT store in Paris, so she needed the perfect outfit and I think she's got it. Well, she's covered in the bag department :) and I know she'll pull some chic winter-y thing out of her suitcase to pull it together.
She picked up an orange clutch too which might as well be called the "Jeather" clutch for the demand that Heather and Jeana's two blogs have created for this color.
I love my creative friends. Everyone wish Grace good luck at her meeting in Paris! xox