Monday, October 20, 2008

market weekend

I showed my bags at a showroom during market week. Here're pics of the line and a few of LA streets outside.

This is Else who merchandised the bags...

Patent clutches

Suede messenger totes

Black patent messenger tote

Shopper tote

City tote with laptop envelopes and iPhone pouch

The afternoon light zinging in.

Unfinished clutches and the beautiful, David Filler-made zinc topped tables and lovely flowers.

This is me showing the new gray messenger bag.

The black patent messenger from the back. (Don't know why I'm standing like that, but you try to take a picture from behind.)

Most of the people you see during market week make you want to hurl, but this was an exception. This is a girl I followed to get a picture of her Lanvin bag. It's cuter in real life and I've coveted it for a while.

And, not to end on a bad note, but this building is across the street from where I was all weekend. Notice the blown out windows, right at home in any 3rd world country. Wonder who's working in there? They're not making VIVIER bags!!


heather said...


7th photo down... what is that small draw string bag?? do you make those and do you have a better photo?

Clare Vivier said...

it is the iPhone pouch.
you can see it better here: