Friday, July 24, 2009

look what's new at Mohawk

Look what Bo got in at Mohawk General Store:

We had fun trying them on. And then we decided that since they're ridiculously comfortable, I needed them for Paris. I leave on Sunday.

p.s. Operation Charlotte is complete. La Trop is in her possession. Le Mari is still on set so I have no more details except that she loved it. yay.


Lois said...

Yay! Mission accomplished. How could she not love Le Trop?!

mercharp said...

please tell me there is a zipper up the back, that I won't be seen next to you in embarrassingly low flats,and theat you'll where them when Charlotte and hubby invite you for tea chez eux, and that I'll get to hear all about it.

Jennifer said...

Ditto to what Lois said! Good call with giving her La Trop.

Those shoes...are phenomenal. Of course you need them for Paris!