Sunday, January 31, 2010

Counting Coins + Cutting on Sweet Sunday

Trying to have a mellow family day without working, the only thing I had planned on doing today was attending and buying sweets from the Cookies Without Borders bake sale for Haiti which HBT helped organize. The sale started at 2 p.m. so the day went like this (keep your eyes open it gets better towards end:) A morning run with my neighbor Shannon in Elysian Park; Read a bit of the Sunday Times - why do I read Vows?! Every week I tell myself it's the last time...I'm such a girl!; A need to do something constructive with Oscar led to a coin counting project. We gathered all the loose coin jars around the house and spilled them all on floor, separated them and he counted them all except for the pennies. We then drove the neighborhood looking for a super market with a Coinstar! (They suck, I know, I should have rolled coins for the bank! Alas, no coin rolls and banks are closed on Sunday.) Oscar got to keep the money to go towards his "Account" he was very excited about having his own bank account, which I told him he could start at $300. (Is that right?) Anyway, this is a LOOOONG way to tell you what I wore today when leaving the house amounted to trip to a coinstar machine and a bake sale...Ha!

The temp is in the mid 60s these days in LA and sunny. I thought the white jumpsuit would be perfect bake sale attire. But I couldn't find the right boots to wear with it. While digging through my back-up closet, I come across my old cowboy boots I'd bought to attend my cousin's theme wedding - 1930s Mexico - a few years ago. (I loved it.) I'd gotten them at the Santa Monica flea market for a couple dollars and haven't worn them since the wedding. Looking at them today, I suddenly realized I could cut them! I almost bought a pair of Frye booties the other day for $300 + thinking I need shoes for NY winter (doesn't make sense, I know, just another way for me to justify buying more shoes.) I'm still a bit sore I didn't get the Isabel Marant's of last year, nor the Rachel Comey's of this last fall. So, I've had this cowboy booties envy for a while and look how cute they turned out! And I will wear them often! Even in NY when I go mid Feb, I swear. Oh, I forgot I don't have to justify anymore (they were already mine!), I'm just so shoe guilt ridden it comes naturally.

And here's me at the sale with an APC dress, one of my remake clutches and tights I bought en route to bake sale (and put on in the car of course,) as I realized it was a bit chilly to be bare legged!

p.s. Cookies Without Borders bake sale was a smashing success, earning over $5000 today!!
p.p.s. Are those tights too Avatar-esque? A little, right?

(1st and last 2 photos HBT)


Heather Taylor said...

wow - love the avatar tights! feel like i'm in pandora. thanks for all your bake sale support. means a lot!xo

Prosecco said...

omg you boot-cutter, you! You did it again! And again, hot.

Alex said...

I still dream of a collab, velo-style!

mercharp said...

No, these are the best. eat your heart out Isabel and Frye.

Shayna said...

holy mackerel. i'm so impressed with your fearless shoe revamping. nice work!

Susan said...

this is a genius idea!!! i definitely have a pair of boots that i could do this too. how hard was it to make sure that the boots were symmetric after you cut them? did you do measurements or just eye ball?