Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Golden State - made in california

On Thursday night, the Golden State, a store devoted to lovely things made in California, California companies, and those things that just contain the essence of CA as chosen by owner, native girl Stephanie Addis, officially opens with a party called Made in California. (How many times did I say that state in one sentence?) It will be a night featuring the art of CA artists: Peter Alexander, Chuck Arnoldi, Billy Al Bengston, Stan Bitters, Kimberly Brooks, Jamie Daughters, Laddie John Dill, Ned Evans, Ed Moses, Samuel Moyer, Ann Thornycroft and Daniel Wheeler. It's going to be a super fun soirée. (If only I didn't have to catch a 6 a.m. flight on Friday!)

For the event, I've designed a bunch of dreamy, creamy, golden yellow clutches of all sizes which epitomize the sunniness of Cali à la CLAREVIVIER.

The Golden State
1740 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA
3103961700 to rsvp for the fête.

AND...the store got Daily Candy'd today along with a shout out to yours truly! As the Californians would say, AWESOME!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Last evening, in an act of DIY recessionista chic, (and 3 minutes before I left the house to go to dinner,) I turned this:

into this:

Much more relevant, don't you think?

Yes, I had a hard time cutting gorgeous 900 + $ YSL boots off like a pair of old levis even if they were a few seasons old. But in the end, I just knew I'd wear them way way more if I relieved my booties of their tops. For the fashion purists, I know it's a bit a sacrilege - like taking the belt off a Birken or sawing the chainlink off a Chanel 2.55. Maybe all this talk of London has left me feeling a bit punk rock.

In other news, ever been to thefrisky.com? Me neither 'til they contacted me for this:

An online mag for women with smarts on everything from sex to style - maybe heavy on the former as per the name...I'll go back.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

london calling

This week flew by in the dust of getting a package of work bags for London together. A very stylish stylist here in LA has a mother who lives in London, who is very stylish herself. The rep of a hot denim line in Europe, Mother was in LA perusing wedding gowns for Daughter. However, they took a little time out of their busy schedule to come to meet with me a few times over the past week and a half to see the line and then fall in love with the line and then strategize how to take Europe by storm with the line. Yay.

They both agreed that the angle we should go for as intro to CLAREVIVIER in Europe is with the Workbag (and maybe even the Cartable.) I was so happy to hear it, as I love love love these bags and that is how I started the line - designing cute laptop bags for chic working girls. But most stores treat work bags as something akin to a modern sculpture - 'great, but where am I going to put it?' But they are my bastard step children. I love them and I'll continue to design and perfect and champion them and sell them exclusively on my website if no one else wants them (although fearless Mohawk has sold out of all they've had there.) They're kind of a no brainer if you're a stylish woman, you work and you have a laptop. (ahem: YOU.) I took them to the set of a hot tv show and the lead actresses, upon seeing them bought 3 each (extras as gifts of course.) So, anyway, back to London-story, Mother was returning to the old country on Monday and took with her packets of photoshopped (light hearted mock-ups) pictures, à la look books, and samples in natural, black and tie-dye. They're beyond chic-y-dic.

And I cross my fingers they're about to take over London, Paris and Milan!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little bit of press, a Trop dinner, et mon favourite

You'd have to really be looking, but that is a CLAREVIVIER shopping tote in black patent RJ's carrying...

I don't know what it says, but I'm positive it's something like "Not quite, but almost, big in Japan."

jeana sohn...

Had a dinner here at Maison Vivier tonight and there were La Trops everywhere...

I do love the Mohawks. Page 53. July.

Again, for good measure, my favourite moment: mon petit cutie pie.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lacroix à moi

Much to le mari's chagrin, I'm a die-hard thrifter. I've found most of my most precious couture and no-name gorgeous vintage items at thrift stores. I secretly think I have a special ablity to scan the rack for interesting or amazing quality fabrics which I know will be something great before I even have to move the hangars apart. The other day this happened while walking in seedy Hollywood. On Cahuenga, literally on the dirty sidewalk in an abandoned storefront was a scrunched up bouclé jacket I thought 'wouldn't it be funny if it were a Chanel jacket?' I kicked it over to see if it had the double C buttons. It didn't. But something made me kick it again to see who it was made by. And there it was CHRISTIAN LACROIX. Size 38. Made in France. Bingo. I picked it up with two fingers like I was gonna catch the plague and dropped it in the trunk of my car. First stop: Ritz Cleaners. $18 and a few days later, I have my very first LACROIX item. My Hommage, I'm now calling it as I found it literally a day before the genius declared bankruptcy. I got it, CL, I'll take it from here. It was a sign. ;)
The necklace is Malene Birger - the Danish designer.

And just for good measure, there's La Trop with some killer peonies in the evening light...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In La Trop Heaven

First batch ships tomorrow!

They are beautiful.