Friday, March 29, 2013

Fanny Mania

I wrote about our Fanny Packs (bum bag for you Brits) a while back - back when we were selling the Spring Summer line - and  we are so excited because they're now in studio and in store.
They came in yesterday and I made Greta put them on for an impromptu photo shoot - we were dying over how cute each one looked. 
The whole fanny pack idea started for us because of one I got from my Parisian sister-in-law. She had a vintage red leather one by an old French label, and she took it off her waist and gave it to me one day when I complimented her on it. (Mental note: always be generous.) I've loved it ever since, but we knew we could update it a little. 
Greta cannot decide which one she's getting: red. 
Or jaguar.
I got the blue and am wearing it now.
But green with a little summer dress will be sooo cute. 
Ultimate-undeniably-best-Coachella bag: Krystle, here at the studio, is getting white. She's braving that sweltering, desert music dust bowl cluster, and I feel better knowing that she'll have this strapped to her waist. 
Speaking of white bags for hot times. I think this white cartable will be my work bag of choice this summer. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I saw: London+Paris

London, Regent Street. Here was the line to get into the new store & Other Stories the day after the opening party last week.
Stories is the newest addition to the H&M family- a grown up, but not conservative sibling.
I am so thrilled to announce (a little late) that I designed a bag collaboration with them - a 15 piece collection ranging from keychains to overnight bags. And this exciting opprtunity was the reason for much of my travel in 2012.

Here's my display wall. It added a very nice pop of color to the whole store.
The collection is only available in Europe - online and in 6 cities.
I like these colorful tassels! Wish I'd have bought more for gifts. 
I geeked out at the opening party and asked if I could take photos of girls buying my bags. These two adorable Londoners said that they bike to work and were both buying my backpack. I was so happy because that's exactly who I designed it for - stylish girls who bike to work!
And these two girls - Abigail Lorick of Lorick and Nikki Dekker of Lake and Stars were two of the other designers they included in the collab and they were each buying the backpack too!
The other side of our wall - merchandized with colorful Nikes.
I love the paper bags - I wanted to keep them, but I'm trying to curb hoarding tendencies.
Bat for Lashes looked stunning in her Stories outfit.
DJ Misty Rabbit in her Stories Ocean print suit.
A photo of me with the purple weekend bag taken by Jeana Sohn on my front steps was sitting on the shelves.
I was introduced to this beautiful woman, Claire, and she was buying 3 CV pieces. I chatted with her for a bit and turns out she's a very talented designer of a line of loungewear called Aloe.
While in London, I was able to take in a few lovely places with my friend Juliette - for example, lunch at the Wolseley, which was just so divine.
The Conran's store in the gorgeous old Michelin tire building was dreamy.
We had cocktails at the posh Savoy.
Went shopping at Liberty's. Look at the interior of this place?! Why did I feel like eveything was out of Harry Potter? 
Or buckingham Palace, aka, the dinning hall at the V&A museum.
Before London, I spent 5 nights in Paris, where I went to the atelier Cacharel and adored these biscuits.
Had a crush on this Merci shopgirl and had to buy a plethora of these aprons to try to recreate this outfit. Still trying.
I love the light and exposed ceilings in the home section of Merci. I want it to be my home.
Running late into Jardins du Palais Royal for an appointment, I couldn't help but stop and snap this pic of the little red coat in the royal courtyard.
This is what I looked like everyday in Europe running out the apt in a flurry, (and, yes, with clothes everywhere) - that Vanessa Bruno coat with flared sleeves and my APC hat purchased at Mohawk General Store. I get so sick of things I wear while traveling I never want to see them again. Lucky for me, I live in LA where it'll be a long time before I need to see a coat and hat again.
I saw Steven Alan in Paris at his brother's wonderful juice bar/cafe - Bob's Kitchen. Steven's brother, Marc Grossman, has been living in France for a long time, and along with Kitchen he has Bob's Juice Bar, and is the author of multiple cookbooks as well as this great blog. For tasty, fresh pressed and cold pressed veggie juices, delicious muffins and wraps this is the place to seek out in Paris. Why does even health food taste better in France??