Monday, February 27, 2012

I'd Pin This

I haven't joined Pintarest yet, even though I've heard it is the fastest growing social network - ayyye, I just can't keep up - I've only recently started Instagram (seevivier)! But if I did pin things, and maybe one day soon I'd be something like this.
Mar found it somewhere online, she cannot remember where, but she's pretty sure it's from,,, or, well, something like that, but she's more sure that it's from London fashion week. Wherever it's from, it has got to be one of my favorite images ever of the royal blue pebble oversized clutch.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is how it happens

I just returned from a second trip to New York in as many weeks.
Yesterday, Friday evening when all the work was done, a few of us girls decided to unwind with a trip to the Isabel Marant store in Soho. If you didn't read that correctly, it reads: Danger. Friday night. Girls together. Isabel Marant boutique. Or rather, danger for the pocketbook of everyone involved.
It starts like this. Oh, those shoes, I say, I'm just going to try them on! Kee says, well, if you try them on, I'll try them on too. 
Then we get more comfortable in them, walk around the store a bit. 
Take pictures of each other in them.
Then Simone says, I want to try them on too! Then the three of us have them on - because Kee and I have not taken them off, more precisely, have only gotten more comfortable in them.
We sit in our just-trying-them-on shoes in the dressing area, and admire Simone as she gives us a fashion show of different Marant looks. And chat about how we really can't take them off and then we say, 
-Are you going to buy them? 
-I don't know, are you going to buy them? 
-Well, they look so cute on you. 
-Those look so cute on you
-OK. I think I'm going to buy them. 
-Me too. 
That's how it goes. Girls. At Marant. On a Friday night. Trouble.
 The other purchase I bought while in NY this trip is this Steven Alan trench. For the first time ever, I got to see this Williamsburg, Brooklyn I've heard so much about. And, more importantly, I got to go to Jumelle, a store there that has carried my bags for a long time and I've always wanted to visit. It's so cute, it was there that I bought this SA trench because it was perfect for the weather we were having in NY.
 After I bought it, I never took it off. I wore it with this vintage fur collar I'd brought from home. By the way, DIY trick, for these old collars: sew grosgrain ribbon on both ends to keep it on. Functional and so cute!
I'm back in LA, and my two newbies are in love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Clutch

Someone just anonymously sent us a link to Katie Holmes wearing our striped clutch.
Then I found this one online too. They are cute because she looks so joyous. Obviously you cannot wear this pink striped clutch and not be happy.
We shipped these clutches to Shopbop last week. 
I don't think they're available yet, but they will be soon and in 4 different colors:
orange, yellow, pink, & blue. 

Friday, February 17, 2012


Jocelyn holding our two new petit messengers.
There's an interview with me on Steven Alan's blog today. :)
It's been a busy week, and I wish it were almost quittin' time but I'm on my way to give my first lecture to students at Otis. 6:00 p.m. seems a long way off...
Happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snowing for AW12

I'm in NY and it has just started snowing. Oh how I'd love to have it be a full-blown snow storm. I've only seen the city covered in a blanket of fluffy white once before and, being a MN girl, I thought it was magical. 
I'm here for presentation of Fall 2012 and meetings. It always seems so far off when we're talking in fashion calendar speak, never really sinks in, and then before you know it, you're in production and shipping that which seemed so far away. I won't be able to see any shows, but I was able to attend Steven Alan's Fall 2012 presentation and I loved loved loved it. So many wearable, smart, chic pieces. So many things I wanted to wear right then and there. Much better pictures from behinds the scenes are  here and from in front of the scenes here

p.s. my house is on Apartment Therapy now

Monday, February 6, 2012

Floral Madness

Still happening - les fleurs - I can't get enough of them.
And I can't looking at my pants! 
My friend Peggi, who works at 7 for all Mankind gave me the best pressie on Friday: these flower jeans!
And as I sit at my desk , I cannot stop looking at them!
I had Bri snap a full length photo of my legs so you could get the whole picture.
Good times at the CV studio...
I know the pattern pants thing is truly on - every designer has something for Spring, and we may get sick of them sometime soon...but as for now, I'm loving. I've seen a lot of floral jeans, but these are really good. The colors are insanely pretty.
Speaking of floral...I'm not sure I would wear these two items together, but I thought I'd post my own pics of the pochette available at Of A Kind right now.

So pretty - you can almost smell the sweet lovlies...
Limited quantity - get yours quick! xox

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flora Domenica

It's Sunday, there must be flowers!
Of A Kind launched a little Valentines/Spring pochette today! It is adorable and everyone in our office has been dying over this leather. We've had it for a little while, we just didn't know what form it would take. When Claire and Erica asked me to do another pochette for Spring, we figured it was a perfect fit!
This leather is so gorgeous in real life, it looks hand painted. It's an exquisite pop of happiness to your wardrobe. I think I'll test drive my own in New York this week!
This Sunday, we did not go to the beach, although we could have because it's that beautiful here in LA. Instead we had a photo shoot at the house for Apartment Therapy. It was super fun getting ready for the shoot. Nothing like someone coming to photograph your house to get you to make those changes you've always wanted to make and getting you to toss a whole bunch of worthless stuff that's been piling up. 
For me, it also meant buying some beautiful flowers for the house. I stopped by to see Holly and Becky at Holly Flora yesterday and picked up a few things to brighten up the space.

Here're a few of the stems I chose with girls' help.
 I love these yellow poppies (err, ranunculas, I've been told) in a Victoria Morris vase.
 Here's me and Paco. 
1. How cute is Paco?!
2. How cute are these neon green 7 Jeans I'm wearing?!

p.s. Chez Vivier on Apartment Therapy coming this Wednesday.