Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Last week saw exciting new tech-y prototypes come in; shipping Spring deliveries; prepping crafts for belts and wrist wraps for the Crafting Community weekend in Palm Springs which just passed; Saehee fantastically rocking a CV hand-me-down unlike I ever wore it; frantic shopping for a fancy party on Friday night which led me to a Givenchy LBD con mucho oro; meeting Fergie at said fancy party and being left with a girl crush - nice person, pretty, natural and funny. 
Clockwise from top left: undyed leather wrist wraps/belts; Saehee with Vena Cava for the Gap dress and CV simple tote for Anthro; Lulu Powers and Fergie; Leopard zip-around iPhone case; Lizzie going to work on a wristwrap; close-up of Saehee and her undyed wrist adornment; royal blue and red Kindle Fire case, yes, Kindle, New York Subway riders; moi en Givenchy.
Another look at the Givenchy dress. This is also to show that I'm on the phone with my friend Greta as I'm taking this pic, then texting it to her and she's giving me shoe advice. Yes, I went with these nude strappy ones. Black pumps looked a little "80's career woman on a show-y day at the office." Sad thing is, I'll probably never wear it again. But we're getting more use out of it - Greta is wearing it to a wedding in Vegas this week. Perfect for a wedding in Vegas, no?
Fergie posing with chef extraordinaire Lulu Powers and her staff after the dinner party. Pretty hair, right? I told her that and she said, "thanks, it's called au natural." Why is 'au natural' for celebrities always just a little bit shinier, glossier, silkier? 
A few more from the Crafting Community - I loved how the grown ups got so into the belt making - and the dads! So cute. James from The Secret Headquarters in Silverlake made a masterpiece. The DJ in middle of top row, is from the band Cypress Hill. Those kids were treated to the coolest music set with this guy, it was so fun dancing on Saturday night in the Commune pavilion at the Ace.
And lastly a dreamy picture of someone's goods resting on a toweled, afternoon sun, chaise longue.
Tonight I'm hosting a Lucky blogger's event FABB cocktail party (with a gaggle of other fab women), then a red eye to New York.
Jet-to-the-set. Not really. More like Ti-to-the-red! 

Friday, April 20, 2012


It's 5:00 on a Friday after a long week. Although I have about another hour or so here at work, I thought I'd share a few favorite photos of the day. :)
This is the road leading to our new office - makes you pause and say, "Yeah, I love LA."
This is Paco. He stopped by work today. We'll hang out this weekend.

A Détacher

Selling A Détacher at Vivier and Bentley is becoming a very dangerous thing for my pocketbook. Slowly I'm acquiring one of each piece. These are my latest: the chambray blocked, shift dress and the cuter than cute orange sandals with a proper heel and white rubber soles. 
 I'm such a sucker for a dress with pockets! Come on designers - all dresses should have pockets!
The bracelet I'm wearing in the pic is Eddie Borgo, see below for up close. I met the designer the other day when he was in town for a little shindig at the Chateau Marmont. What a sweet guy - said winning the CFDA has been amazing, life changing. Naturally. One detail he told me was that since winning, they've gone from working in a space with 250 sq ft, to a space with 2500. Nice! Adding a zero on to real estate is always good.
This bracelet with tan arms is going to be sick this summer. Just kidding I don't say "sick." It's going to be dope. Just kidding. I don't say dope. Killer. No. Awesome. Nah. Well, you get the picture. I shall rather enjoy wearing it this summer.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

moving day

ImageImage 1

moving day, a set on Flickr.

Movin' It

We've been working in a sunny chaos for the past couple of weeks, but working we have been. We've outgrown a couple of spaces recently, so we're on the move again. And we've got to get out of our current Sunset Blvd storefront studio so that we can start the build out of very first CV store in this location.
I think I have one of the best teams in the world: Jocelyn, Saehee, Tran, Elena and Thomas and recently Myra and a few other people here and there. They work so hard and are always 1. up for a cup of coffee and 2. a pleasure to be around.
Smack dab in the middle of moving our work place: big orders still have to ship to stores. So boxes are being packed to ship and boxes are being packed to move.
 And all the while, they smile. I love them.
Here's what our studio looks like these days:
 Each box, either meticulously labeled by Saehee as stock going out to stores, 
 or a little more poetically labeled by Thomas. I love this, a boy's vernacular for "dust bag".
 In the middle of the chaos, Jocelyn brings little moments of peace like this sample of a nude leather dish with snapping corners we'll sell at the store. Who amongst us doesn't need a cute catchall for their bedroom flotsam? 
 Tomorrow we move here: our new pink abode. Kind of a funny place, but a stone's throw from our store, and twice the size we've been in - sounds perfect to me.
Today the magical Ikea elves constructed furniture for us. And there's an oven which we already know Saehee will use to bake us cookies on a regular basis. Or, okay, I'm just hoping that. 
I got to work in there today and experienced the peacefulness of the uncluttered new space. Tomorrow, when the movers drop off all the boxes of bags, office supplies, computers, leathers, the work tables, and inspiration boards it will be a different story, or rather, a new chapter. And I'm so excited to see what it brings.

Friday, April 13, 2012

It happens in a week

Remember Matilde? She's from Belgium, collaborated with me for a year and then she left to go to school in London... 
Well, she came back last week for a visit, this time with her parents and her younger sister, Giulia.
Of course I couldn't resist taking pictures of my former favorite model along with sis. Matilde is carrying our new duffel which comes out in late May. Giulia, the oversized clutch in green.

I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered from Clementine, the newish shop in Silverlake next to Cafe Stella and Intelligentsia.
It's lovely to receive flowers for any occasion. People should do it more often, it's just true, even if the prompting is an apology. :)
That striped clutch which was above on my desk next to the flowers - here is it having tea at Intelligentsia. It also debuts in May. 
There were meetings with Barbara Bestor the architect designing the first Clare Vivier store opening in May. Look at the funny shape of this space! The brightness and visibly of this location are key. We move to our new studio space early next week to free up the store for construction.
There was a fancy lunch for Dior timepieces to benefit P.S. Arts which Heather and I attended.
Chocolates, intricately screened with the Dior headquarters at Place Vendôme in Paris were given in the gift bag. That same day Heather and I also made it to a party at Chateau Marmont for Karen Walker eyewear and I was so excited to actually meet KW! What a talent. Pics from here.
A package came from Grace Lee and not because she was a jerk to me...:)
It's amazing how excited I can get for her black pouches.
This was what was inside the drawstring sacks. Her gold lace ring, two diamond eternity bands, and a rose gold solitaire. And no, they were not all for me, unfortunately.
But Mat and Giulia were my favorite moment of the week. And so was meeting their parents Lorenzo and Astrid.