Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paris Time

We are heading to Paris.
Steven Alan women's line and Clare Vivier are showing autumn winter 2013 at D&A Paris.
This was another version of the card (below) that got nixed. I liked it, but the showroom said to pick something more emblematic of CV, so we went with the stack of clutches. It is our new Madeleine bag, coming Fall '13. How cute is she?! We printed the leather based off Walker's real test swatch where he stamps the monograms before the actual bag.
Here's another version - all navy, with my mono. Such a cutie pie on my Kneeland Mercado loop rug, which has considerably changed my desk-seated life for the better.

I leave tomorrow, stay in Paris for a few days then head to London.
Cannot wait to go to Paris, but I'm super excited to go to London where I haven't been since I was 18. All recommendations welcome. Will share photos. :) xoc

Friday, February 22, 2013

Get the shot

I got a lot of likes and comments on this picture of me on Instagram. It's cheeky because it looks like I'm just walking on the desk a la Helmut Newton.
But in reality, Saehee shot this pic of me with her iPhone because of the peculiar way I was shooting the navy messenger. Right there, on Elena's desk, at that moment it was the best light in the studio.
That position begot this photo. (See, I was careful not to stand on Elena's desk without something under my shoe.)

That photo became this photo.

Which became this. Which you can buy here. :)
Never woulda thought it came from a girl standing on the desk with striped jeans and heels, huh?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I dropped off our Fall 2013 collection in New York last week. And I'm so excited because we have some new bag styles that are so fantastic, cannot wait to wear them, photograph them, & share them. I don't go to fashion week for the shows, I go for showroom appointments, but thankfully I get to go to a few on the side because I get to see firsthand the loveliness and the spectacle of it all.
All photos taken not so stealthily with my iPhone. Clockwise from top left: Bryan boy and Rumi from Fashion Toast; the backsides of Jenna Lyons and Anna Wintour at J. Crew presentation; Linda Rodin and a very cool lady in pink next to her; phalanx of photogs at Honor; the girls walk Honor; Garance Doré outside Lincoln Center; ladies walk Karen Walker.
That's me (one person away from blogstars the Manrepeller and Bryan Boy!) front row at Karen Walker, which I thought was brilliant and I'd wear almost every piece in the show - including:
KW signature amazing sunnies which top off this tweed coat with cute pleats and
this amazing wool trench with the wide leg trousers and 
these orange loafers!! I want and need.
These were the tomboys at Steven Alan's presentation. I love a blazer but maybe even more than that, I love high water pants. Add a silk scarf and I'm so ready...
I love this bill board on 10h Ave. with all different versions of Me+You, You-Me, and Me+Me and You +You, all of which amounts to the same thing. It was a perfect Valentines day spotting.
Hotel Americano in Chelsea has become one of my favorite spots to stay - always a cozy, calm and chic place to rest and regain energy for the next day pounding the pavement of NYC.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shark Attack

Recently our friend Maya Brenner came by the studio to drop off a few shark teeth necklaces for the CV store. I've been falling more and more in love with them as I feel we can all use a little talisman for strength.
She brought gold ones, silver ones, gold ones with diamonds and gold ones without. 
She also gifted me a gold one with a row of diamonds which I haven't taken off since she gave it to me. It was a pressy for introducing her to two people who've turned out to be very important in her life. I'm a matchmaker matchmaker, romantic and business.
This is Casey. She bought a silver one and she hasn't taken it off since either.
On another note, our friend Naomi came by yesterday and got a black flat clutch with her initials and a tassel, it was so cute I had to take a picture. This is how I photograph most bags - standing directly over it - usually on white paper, and I always end up getting my shoes too. Sometime I think I should do a series on these shots called Bags and Shoes. How cute are these navy and white vintage pumps I got at my fav thrift store in MN?!