Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late Summer Bowl with M. Gainsbourg

It was a back to school night of sorts at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday. A tribute concert to Serge Gainsbourg ensured that pretty much every parent from Oscar's French school was in attendance. 
I went with Heather and Alex, and my date, le mari, was there working for French tv. 
We brought a perfect summertime yummy picnic - prosciutto wrapped figs stuffed with feta, salumi, rose, etc...
The show was interspersed with interview clips with Serge. Alex caught this quip in the subtitles - nice quote! Ah, the gay French!
The show was unfortunately a bit oddly cast, with sometimes random, non-French singing people seemingly pulled from the street to slaughter the most revered French songs but Victoria LeGrand from Beach House was a welcome voice. Not only could she sing well (and in French), she had just the right amount of Beautiful Awkward, which made me think of Serge's daughter Charlotte. 
I recently saw her new video and I love it! Love the clones, the outfit, the leather jacket, the dancing, and the right amount of creepy. 
Speaking of Charlotte, while looking for this Terrible Angels video on the web, I came across this interview with Charlotte that le mari shot! How cool! It's on her website, click on the "interview" link.

Here's a pic of her parents just for good measure.

And an interview with her parents. 
And for another good measure, I love this picture of her mother with her famous basket bag posted here strictly for idol-atry purposes. :)

Photos from the Bowl courtesy of ADC

Friday, August 19, 2011

Adriana's Friday

It's Adriana's last day. 
 She's been so helpful, and she's such a doll, I thought I'd introduce you to her before she goes.
 Those are Ray Bans if you wanted to know.
Smile Adriana! It's back to school time - senior year at USC. Best of luck.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CV bags get around

As the summer is coming to a close, I have to face the fact: for the first time in 15 years, we are not going to France for a month this summer. Sure we've had a few nice trips to make up for it - New York and Lake Superior, but it's really felt like something was off this year with us not spending time with le mari's family and not getting our dose of the beauty of France. This year it would have been impossible to leave the growing CV company for a month. It's a good reason not to go, but even a good reason not to go ultimately means you're not going all the same. :) So instead of sharing our own pictures from France this summer, I'm sharing a few stellar pics of CV bags from around the globe from friends' travels. 
A few times this summer I've truly felt like I'd rather be one of my bags. Is that wrong? :)
This photo of the floating iPad case came in from Bret Lama. It was taken at the Copenhagen airport about a week ago. So cool.
When I say I wish I were one of my bags, I'm really saying: I wish I could be one of KK's bags. Here she is walking the streets of Rome with Ava and a black messenger. This one and following 2 are taken by her husband, the photographer Michael Edwards. If you click the link, I'm not responsible for the many shades of green you will turn spying their Italian getaway.
Here's the silver bando heading for some gorgeous beach on the heel of the boot or Puglia.
Silver Bando again roaming the Roman streets. Ha. Cute pink shorts!
Here I present to you the Overnighter in green on a beach in Greece. I love how the two spots of yellow in this pic - her bikini bottom, the mystery object in the foreground, bring out the green in the Overnighter. I also love Caitlin's Euro toplessness:)
Here's Caitlin in Greece again, this time with the black messenger.
Here is Lea Moret pictured at 1, calle Reina Victoria, Barcelona taken by her father, my friend François, and published on his blog Sunday Memories. She is holding the silver flat tote.
Lastly, from Jeana Sohn's blog, here is the Overnighter getting ready for a trip to Big Sur with Jeana and her girlfriends. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Friday

Here's a super smile for your weekend. This is Samantha. She's a journalist for a Singapore style site called Think Maven which has recently launched. I met her when she came to do a video profile of me here at the studio/shop. It is here if you'd like to take a look although I'm an extreme goof (read uncomfortable) in front of the camera.
Anyway, Samantha tweets under the name sosupersam, and I think that's cute. Or she's just cute. She came in at closing time yesterday with her shoes that she bought because of me :), and wanted a clutch to match. She got the foldover in blush and she was on her way. P.S. she bought the last one - but luckily Theory purchased a whole bunch of them which they'll be receiving asap!  Today, she sent me the link to William Yan's blog when he caught her with her black messenger and I thought this would be a good way to close my work day.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Senior Picture

When I was a senior in high school, it was mandatory that we had to all get our senior pictures taken for the year book at the same photography studio - someplace akin to a Sears picture place, which made us all look like your typical senior dork. I had super short hair and in the picture looked like a small, timid, boy child. 
These days, I've learned, that they allow students to get them taken by whomever wherever, so while up at Lake Superior last week, my soon-to-be-senior niece Sophie (you may have seen her on Closet Visit) asked le mari to photograph her for her senior picture. She's so gorgeous and such a sweet, smart and feisty girl. I'm very proud to be her auntie. 
I wanted to share some outtakes. Because, unknowingly, the outtakes turned out to be a possibly amazing ad campaign for the messenger bag.
Of course it could also be a hot ad campaign for Sperry Top Siders and Ray Bans and whatever else she was wearing that day. :)
Here we are walking to our "location" for her shots. She's a pretty good rack for CV bags. Silver bando anyone? :) 
Somehow I doubt Sophie will every think her senior pics are dorky.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Superior Days

The family is in Blue Fin Bay on Lake Superior this week.
Blog posts have been sporadic, but with these surroundings, as well as, my very large family - siblings, cousins, aunts uncles, nieces nephews, you get the picture, it's hard to post.
 Today we went sailing on this gorgeously ginormous lake which contains 10% of the Earth's fresh water. (Learning lots of fun facts about the region.)
 Yesterday we spotted these two girls jumping off a pier into the cold cold water.
 It's like a dreamscape sometimes.
 Even these random sculptures on the shore are magical. 
 When traveling, I never forget to partake in the fashion of the region (read: I like shopping) - yesterday I bought these locally made Minnetonka mocassins. Some of them are still made locally at least. Of the massive wall of Minnetonka shoes at the general store in Grand Marais, I noticed that some of them were marked "Made in Dominican Republic" (!) but still some are made in here, I made sure the ones I bought were made in MN. 
Local eating too: they fish this smoked trout and herring off the shore. It was delicious.
 As dreamy and remote as we are, I'm still working every chance I get - answering emails and keeping up with the very busy time at the CV HQ. It's ok though because I do loooove my job.
But at sundown, it's all family time and for that I'm so grateful. :)