Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's a goop day!

Today we launched our collab with Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle site
It's been in the works for a while but we couldn't talk about it which has been killing me - I've been so excited I've wanted to tell everyone. When the email arrived from someone at, I thought it was a joke. I've wanted to do a collaboration with them since day one of goop. 
So I guess it's kind of a dream come true. Good to stop and take note when good things are realized. Thanks goop! What makes the timing of this collab even more special is that it coincides with the opening of my very dear friend Simone's art opening at my very dear friend Heather's gallery this Saturday night and she also got a lovely mention on the site/newsletter.

Simone's in town from New York for the opening and we had just finished a hike this am when we saw the goop e-newsletter come in and we didn't know if we'd both be in it, so we were thrilled to share this moment together. We've each gotten a lot of emails and texts from friends congratulating us on the mention, it's fun when it's from mutual friends of ours who are happy we're both in it. One thing we've learned: a lot of people read goop. :) wrote a nice piece about it and we made a headline with Beyonce on so that was enough to make us scream. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tokyo Chic

Last week, I went to Japan for my very first time.
This view of Tokyo from up high was taken from my home for 5 days on the 36th floor of the Cerulean Tower Hotel.
The trip was planned so I could visit my store accounts in Japan, so of course I had to bring a good representation of CV bags. Usually I'm a quick packer, no big deal. But for some reason, packing for this trip to Japan had me intimidated and perplexed: The Japanese are extremely stylish, I was visiting accounts for the first time, I'd be walking a lot, what was the weather going to be like? All of it threw me.
But these CV pieces made the trip with me: a blue weekender, a creamy large duffle - which was made as a sample and doesn't exist on the line yet, the red Madeleine bag & a black Louise bag, both of which debut in the Fall 13 collection, a plethora of clutches, monogrammed and not and...
the CV fanny pack! OK, the bum bag, waist sack, call it what you like, I wore it almost everyday and it was perfect. 
Maybe not as perfect as these school girls' bow ties, but still...not much is that perfect.
Tokyo men across from me in the subway. Creepy that I'm taking sly pics of men on trains? Nah. 
These boys were sitting on a street corner of a very busy street. As a mama, I was slightly shocked and wanted to grab them away from the street but they were so relaxed, like they do it everyday, I figured cars must not come that close to the curb in Tokyo...I know(?!)
One of the highlights of the store visits was strolling through the incredibly beautiful Isetan department store. It just about puts all American luxury department stores to shame and, believe me, I love a luxury department store.  
It's such a privilege that they carry our bags there. We made these rose-colored bags special for Isetan. (I know, my name is spelled wrong on the little sign, but this store is so beautiful I don't care!)
Purchases at any store merit lovely wrapping in Japan, but this packaging from the beautiful shop Arts & Science was particularly aspirational for the CV store.
I loved the cafe and the cute girls in the kitchen at Arts & Science, too.
These adorable enamel pots were from the United Arrows store in Harajuku.
I had the good fortune of being in Tokyo the weekend that the Steven Alan store opened there. It was a handsome and giant Tribeca, New York-esque space downstairs from the Beauty & Youth store in Shibuya.
We debuted these quilted leather versions of our favorite CVs: fanny pack, flat clutch and overnighter - exclusive for Steven Alan.
The Tokyo crowd was so dapper and chic it was incredible people watching.
The night before the SA opening, another New York store opened in Tokyo - Freeman's Sporting Club. 
Known for their bespoke suits, at the FSC Tokyo store they have their own state-of-the-art sewing room. This room was pretty much a dreamspace for me. 
Speaking of dreamspaces: the view from my room was so gorgeous at every time of the day, particularly at sunrise, which almost made the jet lag worth it.
The Prada store in Aoyama by architects Herzog and de Meuron was so phenomenal, it's an absolute must see when visiting the city.
From giant impeccable stores like Isetan, to architectural feats like Prada, to small boutiques like the Haberdashery in Shibuya near Ometesando where they sell a thoughtful mix of lines from around the world, I think the shopping in Tokyo cannot be beat. 
I'm still kicking myself for not buying these indigo-dyed linen jeans with a button-on apron from A Seed on Cloud at Haberdashery.

A last look from my window at night. 

Friday, April 5, 2013


We revamped our website. Have you seen it? 
Take a look! And a version of the Rebonjour clutch (real one below) is a available for a limited time too!!

Other side:

Here are a few screenshots I grabbed from Instagram: a few favorite ladies snapped their Hello Again clutch.