Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon at Mohawk

Le mari got us (me) a new baby camera this week, so I don't have to take all my on-the-fly images with my iPhone anymore. Although, I think that was becoming my I'm going to feel more pressure to produce good pics, before I could always blame it on my phone. But it is a cutie, a baby Leica D-Lux, and I don't know anything about cameras but I know he spent a good coupla weeks researching the best in the baby-sized camera category. That's what it's called, really. So I took it down to Mohawk to say hello. There's always photographable things at the General Store - namely the owners Bo and Kevin, a pretty photogenic duo.

Bo coveted my black messenger bag, while I drooled over her Rachel Comey shoes. They unfortunately do not have my size anymore!
OOOh! That platform wooden heel would have satisfied my urge for clogs, but since they're not available, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy these.

They're Vera Wang, I know, that's weird (doesn't she make only wedding gowns?), but whatever. I haven't found any others to rival them.

Kevin on his Bberry, surrounded by lovely Kelly Lamb vessels (and a CViv work bag in the window), with his darling Steven Alan tie and handsome Generic Surplus take on traditional boat shoes - in waterproof canvas! I may have to return to purchase pour le mari.
And Baguette, all scruffy and big, lounging around the MGS.
These are the other two I'm thinking about, but come on! I. do. not. need another black bootie, even lace-up Repettos. The strappy Cynthia Vincent's are a little more urgent. But maybe after the clogs...


Alex said...

Baguette is the greatest store pup in all of Los Angeles.

jen said...

i know they aren't the same lovely color grey, but good price on these perfect rachel comey moccasin heels: