Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Holidays! (I know!!)

The December issue of Real Simple came out recently. Living in California (no seasons), after having grown up in Minnesota (4 heavily pronounced seasons), one never quite gets used to the way the holidays sneak up on you.

But RS included my wrist wrap! And it's about time it got some play. It's "cool but low-key" as they say...I'm wearing one now as I head out to my first holiday party of the year. I hope people buy it for gift season...


Jennifer said...

I love your wrist wrap!(It is a great gift idea...hmmmm)

Congrats on being featured again in Real Simple.

Had no idea you grew up in MN.
I lived in Minneapolis for about 8 years.

Hey, when are you releasing the Mini Besace??

If you look closely at my latest blog post, you can see a teeny picture of me in trench with Messenger bag!

Annie Crowninshield said...

I am wearing mine now too!

Anonymous said...

Major fan of your work! Just shot you an email at regarding a travel press opp. Hope to hear from you soon! xo

Megan Taylor said...

i just sent an email to the email address on your website! i hope u get it :) if not, let me know! i have a question about the beautiful wrist wrap...xoxoxo

Heather Taylor said...

me likey the cviv wrist wrap.