Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer is Here

Summer is here, so a couple of things are going on which explain the fewer blog posts recently:
Oscar is out of school and was home with me (and Jocelyn during the day) for the first week of vacation. He spent a lot of time coming in and out of the office and also sitting like this on our front steps waiting for Mama to take him somewhere, while Mama tried very hard to finish her work...
Et aussi, le mari had a film in a film festival in SF so we traveled there for a few days:
It was a gorgeous weekend up there as the blue sky attests behind one of my favorite signs on Guerrero St.
We ate amazing food everywhere we went: crepes at TiCouz, pizza and salads at Pizzeria Delphina (!!), burritos at Pancho Villa, and here, a fantastic new restaurant (above) called Heirloom Cafe.
I wanted to take a picture of the food but it all went so fast...this was our appetizer: gnocchi, with fennel sausage, sauteed corn & arugula. Yum!
Mexico played Argentina on Sat a.m. so we walked around the Mission neighborhood in SF to find a Mexican bar to watch the game amongst la gente Mexicana. Alas, we found a bunch of hipster bars with flat screen TVs where most people were rooting for Argentina. So we kept walking.
Then we found this taqueria, La Cumbre, with a television from 1987 and reception to match, where we sat for a bit and snacked on guac and chips while Mexico got shown the door out of South Africa.
AND apart from our scrambling to get our biggest order to date (!) for Japan out the door on this Friday, apparently, CViv clutches are all the rage at our stores...hmm, I wonder why? ;) This one pictured above is one of a few which were made from this amazing embossed leather I found just a few precious, remnant skins of and is definitely the cream of the crop of new clutches. This picture screams summer in such a wonderful way - you know the top's down on that car, right? Thank you HBT!


i.rene said...

that clutch is fab! will you be offering that in your store? if so, i'm in line :)

Clare Vivier said...

hi irene, i think we have one (or two) left, if youwant to order it here:

then write that you request that one!

bekbecker said...

i'm with Irene - will you add that to the shop soon?! I'd love to get my hands on one asap! Please let us know.

Clare Vivier said...

hi becky, see above!

jeana sohn said...

the clutch is amazing

Megan Taylor said...

Loved seeing you here in SF Clare...the rest of your trip seems Fab, and I want to hit up all the places you discovered...heirloom, 1987 bar, etc. xoxo

Elsie Lau said...

oh dear. i'm tardy. are there none left? boo.