Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finger On The Pulse

Ahh, technology, flying 39,000 feet above the ground, I can share this:
Oscar and I are in an airplane flying to Minnesota for my father's birthday. He's listening to Free to Be You and Me, trying to calm his motion sickness (uh oh, those bags really do come in handy) and I'm online blogging because (I can!) and I'm excited about Sunday's NY Times Pulse section in which China Chow sites my bags as one of her current obsessions! Yay, China! I love her and I'm so excited for the start Bravo's art reality show she'll be hosting in June.


Megan Taylor said...

Clare how exciting! I saw this is the paper on Sunday with Heather and Alex :) Congrats!!

Heather Taylor said...

absolutely love the maple syrup action

Megan Taylor said...

Dearest Clare, I love love love my Camp Vivier clutch. It comes around with me everywhere, as it's the perfect late spring/early summer carry-on. Thank you for making such a beautiful treat, xoxoxo

debkap said...

Saw C.C. outside of Dan Tana's the other night and paraded up and back with my Trop, hoping she'd say, "OMG, is that a Vivier?" -- and I could say, "Why yes it is! Saw your nod to our fave label in the NYT!"... But she didn't take the bait.
On a brighter note, I did have a very delicious dinner. :)