Monday, February 14, 2011

My Trip to 12

So here's the back story of that photo below: Last week, I cold emailed Filipa Fino, accessories editor of Vogue, asking if I could have the honor of presenting my bag line to her (well, that's almost how I said it) and got a response from one of her assistants immediately. Yes, I could come to Vogue, at 4 Times Square, and show my collection.
So, on Thursday of last week, I woke up my first morning in New York and put together - out of a hastily packed suitcase - an outfit worthy of Vogue. Miu Miu coat, vintage leather skirt, black tights, Miu Miu boots and a lovely silk, Gucci scarf.
When I arrive on the hallowed 12th floor of Condé Nast,
I'm instructed by said assistant to lay my wares out in the lobby. Yes, lobby. So I do. And they look beautiful. They ended up keeping white things from my line for a story they were doing. That is to say, a couple white clutches and a white iPad case made especially for them that day in Los Angeles and FedExed for the following morning. By my account, it was a pretty good initial meeting with Vogue. As I leave the building dragging my suitcase full o bags, I notice my reflection in a window at Times Square and think it's pretty cute with my giant Alpaca hat purchased at one of the only non-chain stores at the Mall of America, I think actually called the Alpaca Store, at Christmas time, so I snapped a picture. I love how you can see the black messenger bag on my arm, too.

clare in ny

After Vogue, I have a few other meetings around town. When I'm finished, I'm back out on the Manhattan streets with my suitcase promptly at rush hour. Something you learn very quickly while trying to hail a taxi in NYC with a large roller suitcase: cabbies don't stop for you because they think you're going to the airport and they only want to go to the airport at very certain times of the day. Not rush hour. So I'm freezing, extremely uncomfortable in my very high Miu Miu heels, when I discover that not only I've been walking in the wrong direction(!) but that I'm now on the corner of 5th avenue and Saks Fifth Avenue and I am about to cut my legs off at my feet if I don't purchase another pair of shoes immediately.
So I drag my big ol' suitcase through the very lovely aisles of SFA. Here I am waiting for the elevator. Observation: Hard to be classy with a black roller suitcase any place other than the airport. When I got to shoe department I tried on many sensible pairs of shoes.
But I settled on these. Sensible? No. More sensible than Miu Miu 4" heels? Yes. Thank you. I'll wear them out of the store. And, no I do not need the box, thank you.

With the new "sensible heels" on my feet, I stride back out onto 5th Ave with my mega suitcase in tow, and still no taxis stop. So when the 25th gypsy cab stops for me, instead of shoeing them off like the rest, I say yes, thank you very much, jump into my 80's stretch limo gypsy cab and arrive chez Simone many dollars lighter but very happy to be home away from home.
These are the types of flowers Simone keeps chez elle.nycpart1-1
Ahhh, pour me a glassa!


Anonymous said...

de l'audace and it works !
really i enjoy the way you put us with you in your suitcase to follow your meeting
tip top !

woodley park-zoo said...

What a lovely story, a lovely day, some lovely togs and lovely shoes purchased... VERY sensible, I say.

Are the flowers anemones? I can't wait to move back to SF hopefully and then I'm going to go to the flower mart constantly to keep my home in bloom. Or even better, cuttings from my own future garden...

I'm going to go order one of your bags n..o..w...

Also was wondering if you ever thought about making a document holder or if maybe someday I could custom order one (do you do custom pieces?) A4-letter-esque, pure envelope like your of-a-kind clutch.

Cara-Mia said...

Your wares do indeed look beautiful all spread out in the lobby! So lovely. & so amazing that you went to Vogue. :)

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations! Fantastic about Vogue and well deserved too.

Sarah said...

Waouh !!!! Great, génail, fantastique. Quelle allure et quel style... et quel courage d'avoir arpenter NY avec ces chaussures Miu Miu ;)

Anonymous said...

Vogue? Congratulations!!!

elizabeth / sophisticated pie said...

so glad the meeting at Vogue went well.. how exciting! I agree your outfit in the reflection is totally adorable, but I am also loving the new shoes you got at SFA. I have to admit I've stopped to buy shoes because my feet hurt too bad, also!

jeana sohn said...

VOGUE! your outfit! THE SHOES!!!
love this post.

emily said...

Gorgeous new shoes! And I love to see that there are NEW styles of C.Viv bags, but I'm having trouble being patient about waiting for them and the new site!!!!!

Christina said...

you are so f'ing bad ass!!! I need one of your clutches STAT!

Debbie said...

What a fun post! Congratulations & I am in need of an orange clutch immediately!

Particulars said...

I love your shoes!! What is the brand?

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

ok! Im so needing the remake clutch 5x8 in orange!!! is it available??? please contact me at! Congrats on Vogue too!!!

Heather Taylor said...

love your NY style and love the flowers big time. pretty all around!

Alice said...

Oh my goodness, Clare. I love this story!
Hard work pays off ;) Congrats on Vogue!

JWK said...

What an amazing opportunity!! I'm so happy to follow along. I absolutely love your Tropézienne tote and get compliments constantly!! xo