Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the garden with Sac Bretelle

If this were the game of Clue, I'd say: Matilde, in the garden, with the Sac Bretelle.
Mat was painstakingly packing up these new bags (of which Galerie Vie in Japan will be the first retailer) for shipment, when I grabbed her for a quick photo session in the backyard. The strap of the bag is doubled so you can wear it on your shoulder or you can un-double it and wear it cross body, or take strap off altogether and wear as clutch. Did somebody say, Triple Threat? Uh Huh. Look out. :) More pics of the Bretelle to come soon.


amelia said...

total triple threat!! love it.

MJC said...

Ok, I'm coming out of lurkdom!
I WANT this bag :)
It's got everything I want: simplicity, crossbody, functionality!
Where and when can I purchase this?

maura mcgovern said...

ridiculously pretty!
can't wait until available online.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh. This one I have to get.

Katherine said...

oh my, I love this bag. In fact, my husband just agreed to "feed my habit" when it becomes available online. Very excited!

Anonymous said...

I think I need this!

Prosecco said...

omg. LOVE. This has to be my CViv bag of 2011! It's turning into a yearly tradition.

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Love this Triple Threat!! When will it be available on the website???

jeana sohn said...

I. need. this bag.

happy holidays!! xoxoxoxo