Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 choses que j'aime aujourd'hui

I want to live at Bottega Louie. Downtown LA's spot has been open since April but, it was my first time going today and I adore it. (Yay downtown LA! I'm rootin' for you.) I love it when someplace gets everything right! These people have spent a lot of time studying the successes of the likes of Dean & Deluca in NY and Ladurée in Paris. White subway tile, white marble floor, gilded counters, a great selection of wines, skinny baguette sandwiches and MACARONS! Yum. They didn't have my favorite Ladurée flavor, fleur de sel caramel, but the raspberry went fast and the chocolate chewiness was just right. (Oh yeah, and the salad sample plate we ate for lunch was delish, too!)


You can read the real page here.

et trois.

Nylon's Diane Chang blogged about how charitable the pop-up boutique is, too...And she snapped some cute pics of my wrist wrap:

And, the new fall color Navy Messenger bag - not yet on website but very soon - is available for order at the gallery!


Heather Taylor said...

i approve all three of these messages!

Annie Empiric said...

I can't wait until I leave Bottega Louies on the same high as you seemed to be. Although every surface, nook and cranny is exactly as it should be the service is so mind numbingly bad I almost levitated out of my seat last weekend.

But the lemon macaroons are delish and the food mouth watering good.

I will have hope!

BODIE and FOU said...

"3 choses que j'aime aujourd'hui"

A lazy sunny morning with Steve

My Clare Vivier's La Tropezienne bag

Talking to my sister

Loving your new bags! Have a great weekend

jeana sohn said...

that navy blue bag! i die!

Joslyn said...

i'm with jeana. i. want. that. bag.