Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That Teenage Feeling

These are my nieces, Frances and Sophia.
I took these pictures last week.
They are beautiful girls, very easy to photograph,
but I didn't want to take pictures of pretty girls.
I wanted to try to capture the essence of teenage.
They didn't know what I was doing, only that I didn't
want them to look like I was taking their senior picture.
I think I was trying to capture what is elusive about youth -
the arrogance, lonesomeness, doubt, warmth and beauty
all rolled into one.
p.s. I used Poladroid because it matched the nostalgic feeling I have for teenage years.
p.p.s. I was thinking of what to call my FB link to this page, and I was unhappy with the title of this entry when Nekko Case's song That Teenage Feeling came on iTunes random play! Very weird. Now, that's what I'll always call a Fabulous Reality, because that's what my high school writing teacher called coincidences or synchronicity, if you will. See, some things we learn in our teenage years last for a long long time....xoxo


Heather Taylor said...


Jennifer said...

Love that Neko Case song. That gal has a voice!

Love the GQ post,too on FB -Vivier World Domination.

simone shubuck said...

wow- Frannie looking very Modigliani these days. SO fun to see what gorgeous ladies they've grown into. I met them both as babies!!

Joslyn said...

oooh such lovely girlies.
i constantly think about what my two girls will be like as teenagers...

Megan Taylor said...

i love that song! and these pictures :) it reminds me of when i used to assist a photographer in maine, she did senior portraits. the best pics were always the ones that were candid, spontaneous, disheveled and real. they never ended up being "the portrait" but they were our faves, like these...!