Friday, May 13, 2011

Au travail

Back to work.
Scott, Matilde, Jocelyn and I are back to work with a fury. Not that we ever stopped, but we had a major opening party sponsored by the very generous Veuve Clicquot on Saturday night (I'll post pics soon, but already you can see some on Mondette and Refinery29 and even here, on Fashion Intel ) and that is always a bit, er, distracting to say the least.
We received wonderful flowers from our friends and family for the opening, like this purple one from Anne and Francois.
 This terrarium from Heather and Alex
These amazing yellow I-don't-even-know-whats from Holly and Becky at Holly Flora. Is that a peony from heaven? I had more then these even: thank you mom, thank you Bo and Kevin and thank you Jessica, among others. :)
One good thing about a party is that is forces you to get your decorating done! We all know this is true: that curtain you've wanted to change for months in the guest bathroom? Try having a guest. That'll get it done. Knowing that a hundred or so people would be at our studio on Saturday night? As you can see with the top photo, it got me to hustle (with a little help from my friend) and get these Simone Shubuck pieces framed and hung.
How amazing is this one above? It is my favorite. But that changes everyday because I love them all so.
This is a very early piece of hers. It is a Fendi Baguette - very appropriate art work for a bag maker's studio, no?
 I wish I knew the name for this piece. It is a head with flowers and people and leaves and intricate minute characters. These oeuvres are over my desk in the studio, I'm so happy I get to look at them all day long. :)


Jennifer said...

It was so much fun - Thank- you!
The space and the work looks amazing & I still cannot get over how perfect you looked in that cranberry Marant.
A beautiful evening.

Heather Taylor said...

all beautiful! xo

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to come to your shop. The photos look so great, and I'm sure it's all even more spectacular in person. Again, all my congratulations to you and Kathryn.

jeana sohn said...

you are amazing, clare. and you deserve all the success. so happy for you. xo

Heather Taylor said...

And yes peonies from heaven!

Megan Taylor said...

looks like fun!

madilla said...

Congratulations! :)
Love the flowers and the paintings!