Friday, July 27, 2012

Traveling Summer: LA > France > Italy > France > LA

I'm a quick packer, but that probably means I'm an over packer and often that means that I bring too many shoes. I often forget how much walking we do in cities that are not LA = heels are no good, but it's hard not to bring at least one pair, so this time I've limited myself to my Rag & Bones (at 12 o'clock). Besides these for my 2 weeks in Europe I've brought 6 other pairs, is that reasonable? I think so.
Because we've been so busy lately - sorry, neglected blog :( - my social media of choice has been Instagram which is linked to my twitter. Are you on? If so, please follow me - seevivier - and I'll follow you. These pics are mostly my from there so apologies if there's nothing new for you.
Tomorrow le mari and I leave the French countryside (already!) for a brief grown up excursion to Italy.
We're meeting friends there and we're all leaving our kids with respective families. 
Our Italian friend is taking care of all the details and I don't even know where we're going, except that we fly to Milan and tomorrow night we are seeing an opera at the outdoor arena of Verona. 
Also inside my travel bag, contents were laid out for NBC NY's the Thread.
My first instagram in Paris on Tuesday.
The view from sister-in-law's apt on a beautiful little street in Paris.
No explanation necessary.
Poolside reading
All hail the French beauty Brigitte.
More (mostly on Instagram) tomorrow from Italy. xox


Elsie said...

love that fainting couch image. looks like a romantic painting. and those gams! yowza. :)

joyce said...

Girl, you have an enviable shoe collection. Those Rag & Bones! Lovelovelove.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shot of you on the couch. The colors ate so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Where can we get our hands on a zip card case!?

loopylu said...

never have too many shoes... well maybe as you are going to some amazing shoe purchasing destinations.
I always pack too much and bring home more than when I left.

Nora said...

I love dump-out-your-bag pics! :)