Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monogram happy + A Market Tote

Heading to New York for a few days. As usual, when heading to New York, there was the prerequisite shopping spree at Lake boutique in the neighborhood yesterday. A pair of shoes and leather-like jeans, and cute vest later was all I could rustle. However, at the studio today, I was able to make a few old things new again with a little monogram magic.
 I will be very happy to walk the streets of New York with my grey suede simple tote which got a pick-me-up with gold CV today.
 And my well-loved & beat-up navy iPad case looks amazing with red mono.
 One of the things I'll be doing while in New York this time is attending this party at Steven Alan's new store in Chelsea on Thursday night:
And in honor of being invited to this party as a featured designer, we've made this special edition chain print market tote with undyed leather handles and bottom. 
This is what a picnic looks like at the CV studio.
Please stop by the party on Thursday, enjoy the music, the Steven Alan Spring '13 film and introduce yourself! Would love to meet you. :)xo


bisbee said...

Have fun in NYC at FNO!

Now - I don't know if you (or someone) can answer my question - a few posts earlier when you showed pictures of people dressed for work on a Friday, one of the pictures showed a great pair of black sandals - the flat ones worn with the yellow print pants. Is there any way to find out who makes those? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love your picnic and the chain design! I want an invite :)

Slim Keith said...

Want this bag! Is it available to purchase?