Monday, August 31, 2009

DC deal

There's supposed be a ClareVivier Daily Candy deal hitting your in box tomorrow a.m. There's a code and you get a nice discount if you use to the code. Et Voilà. Easy peasy.

This is my new front page, but it's not up yet. My web guy's out of town 'til tonight! But he's got a lot of pics to put online as soon as he gets back.


Lesley said...

CONGRATS on being featured in Real Simple!!! As soon as I saw it in there, I searched for that bag!!! However, when I went on the website to further research the bag prior to purchase I read that the "Nubuck leather is unlined." I was wondering if you could confirm what that means. Is the inside of the bag just leather with no lining?


Vivier said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for your comment.
That's right, it is unlined - like the original Coach bags. The other side of hide is quite lovely.

Shelle said...

Hi! I saw your stuff on Daily Candy. Looovveee it! I'm thinking about getting the iphone pouch... even wrote a blog about it!

check it out:



Shelle said...

I got it!!! So excited! Now I just need it to get to me by Sept 23rd... think you can hook it up? I live in West Hollywood.