Friday, August 28, 2009

Simply Really Home

I'm home, thoroughly jet lagged, but so happy to have picked up the new Real Simple magazine at the grocery store today and see this picture of my Navy Messenger bag! I knew it was in the mag this month as I'd seen a little picture of it online (and I'd gotten quite a few orders of the bag while I was away, thank god for Else back at the HQ doing the shipping, etc.) but I had no idea how gorgeous the picture was for reals. HBT called it bag porn. Half page, heh! Love it. And a gorgeous spread in general due to the talents of Fashion Editor Karen Kozlowski.


Joan said...

I saw the bag in the magazine and hopped right over to your website to view it. I really want to get it because I love the colour! (The turquoise isn't too bad either!)

Congratulations on getting featured on Real Simple. :)

Jennifer said...

It looks luscious. I really want to invest in one of your pieces for fall/ winter. So hard to choose.
Navy Messenger or La Trop???

Heather Taylor said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! aspirational picture.

Joslyn said...

ooh i saw this an was drooling.

this is my fall bag. for sure.