Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LV Connections

Months ago, I wrote about being able to visit the original Louis Vuitton factory in Asnières (both Ss go unpronounced), France. Then quite recently, I've had the pleasure of meeting the French head of Vuitton production in the US and his family - our kids go to school together natch. To me, he's like a celebrity - overseeing production and quality of a meticulously lux bag line! I can totally geek out talking to him about zippers, corners, hardware, leathers and whatnot for hours. And he's promised me that I'll get to take a tour of the US factory soon. xx
Todd Selby took me back to Asnières like it was yesterday, you've go to check this out. And then you'll understand why this has remained an epic day in my life as a bag designer.
This is what The Selby photo shoot turned into. It's a fascinating piece of marketing bliss. I've just clicked away a dreamy hour on it.
While I was hanging around on the Huff Post, I found this - another moment LV is having. (I mean, come on Christy!! She is just an insane freak of nature, absolutely the most gorgeous creature on the planet. I always wonder what Ed must think at night. The other girls are stunning and yet, I cannot remember looking at them once in this video.) But besides CT, old stalwart Vuitton is stealing the show with their marketing right now. High marks all around. (No pun intended. Ha.)

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