Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping While Driving

We Los Angelenos spend an inordinate amount of time in our cars - everyone knows that - so we've gotten really good at doing other things while we drive. I, for example, rarely leave the house with make-up on, but at every stop light, a little mascara, a little blush, a little lipcolor is added so by the time I arrive at my destination, I'm perfectly presentable with a dewy glow - well, er, kind of. There was something I'd never tried in the car before - shopping - until this last weekend. Here's how it happened:
What I failed to mention in the previous post is that it actually took us a bit longer than an hour to get to Malibu on the 101 N that day, because of traffic (!). For a little while it was a bit of a parking lot (not unlike the photo above) and during that time in the freeway parking lot, I was receiving texts from my friend HBT regarding the Marni outlet store she had happily happened upon. Marni. This sent me into a parked freeway texting tailspin. I need a dress, I wrote. She obliged with photos of the shop girl holding a few options.
Buy me the orange one, I wrote. Again, she obliged. You see, that evening we had an event to attend and I (of course) had nothing to wear. One of my local heroes, Rose Apodaca, had curated the fashion portion of the California Design Biennial and invited us to come to the opening night party.
Maybe not the surest thing to buy an-outlet-but-still-not-inexpensive-per-se, Marni dress without trying on, but I trusted HBT and I thought it'd be worth the risk (there's always eBay if it didn't work out.) It did work out, and I was so happy I shopped while driving! I mean, sitting in traffic - don't judge. I wore it with my bougainvillea fuchsia Lanvins and just to go all out with the brights - a kelly green mini CViv clutch...
Rose included a picture of us on her blog the next day. I'm so happy with her caption on the photo, too. And to think her CViv bag was almost stolen in Paris!


Megan Taylor said...

So funny! You two light up my life...I love hearing your LA stories.

jeana sohn said...

you both look great! i love the orange dress.

Jennifer said...

You both look Amazing. You know how I love color!

Pink Lanvin and Orange Marni & Green Vivier- LOVE!

Hello! Marni outlet n L.A??!?
I beg you for the information where...if only so I can go & drool over the beautiful fabrics and prints.

Heather Taylor said...

lov the marn marn

HipKid said...

I have to have that dress. LOVE!