Friday, August 20, 2010

Au Revoir, À La Prochaine

Vacation always flies by.
Nary a moment to learn Quickbooks,
return numerous emails or update blogs...
Here's what my vacation was filled with:
Green markets in seaside towns...
Passant le filet sur les courts terre battue...
Swimming, learning about history at various castles, and general frolicking...
Hours spent at table conversing with family and engaging in the best of locavorism...
Hoarding un-necessities at small town flea markets...
This year, I bought an entire collection of vintage matches (??!) off a darling old man, as well as, the requisite linens - to add to my growing collection of vintage French, white linens. What? I use them, I swear! Now the matches...that may have been a moment of "everything-is-so-freaking-cute-in-France" hysteria, I admit. I am not immune.
Goodbye France. See you next year.

That was our vacay wrapped up in a few pics.
I'm back in LA now and on to more and more CViv!
I'm happy to be home and so so happy to be busy.
As they say, idle hands are the devil's tools.
(I don't know who says that, nor how I know that expression.)
Here's what's next:
A party celebrating the opening of The Shop at downtown LA's Standard Hotel for which I've designed a special clutch.
There are so many things I love about this collaboration:
Andre Balazs properties and downtown LA,
to just name a few...
And everyone's invited!
If you want to come RSVP to

pictures above courtesy of Le Mari.


Megan Taylor said...

I've been waiting all year for this post! xoxo

Heather Taylor said...

ditto my sister! the c-viv post france post is nothing if not epic! such beautiful pictures and thoughts. and seriously - don't doubt the linen acquisition. that's why we call it a "collection". xoxo