Saturday, March 12, 2011

1404 Micheltorena - Silverlake. Coming soon.

So much is going on...there was this Ghost Project for Kartell, I was doing last week. 
See the chair I'm sitting in? 
We had good studio visits all week at the old CViv HQ, with lovely ladies in CV like Jeana Sohn.
Designer Jesse Kamm
Jeweller Maya Brenner
Ginger-headed beauty Kimberly Muller.

But most of all, what's happening is: Bye bye all the wonderful ladies who visited us at my home studio. 
We will no longer be accepting studio visits at the Vivier residence.
Because we got a STOREFRONT! Yep, with studio space too!  
We are now proud Silverlake business owners - sharing a space with the talented miss Kathryn Bentley.
Opening in a moment's time.
More to come. 
Can't wait to see you there.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations Clare... Cannot wait to visit your new space.

BODIE and FOU said...

My God! So many good news!!!

Your video with Kartell was super fab! I really love hearing your voice.
And the news about the shop is awesome!

Anonymous said...

That's very exciting news! Congratulations to you both.
Can't wait for it to open - any idea of when?
xo K

Susie said...

congratulations! my bff lives in silverlake and i love visiting. next time i'm in town i'll have to stop by the new shop!

oh and in all these photos your bags look stunning, as always.

Lara C. said...

Congrats!!! xo

Lori said...

Your new biggest fan. Can't wait to see your store.

jessica o'brien said...

congrats!!!!! what exciting news!

gina said...

green?! <3 when is this out?

Megan Taylor said...

Congrats! How cool! Can't wait to visit :)

Maya Brenner said...

you sneaky little mogul! so exciting!

UniqueLapin said...

congrats on the store looking forward to checking it out! Quick question, love love Jeweller Maya Brenner's pants with side there anyway i can know where she got them from???



rami said...

Can't wait to visit the store!
You look great in that polka dot dress. xo

Prosecco said...

Congrats, Clare!! Amazing news!

Heather Taylor said...

can't wait for the vivier shop!

Sunday Taylor said...

Congratulations on your new space. I will definitely be visiting!