Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Days in Our New Digs

Matilde returned from 3 weeks in Belgium so our team is back intact. We are in our new space and so excited to be working with Kathryn Bentley and her little team too. We're busy trying to ship orders, people are coming in to visit (like Bo from Mohawk, who bought KB and CV for her shop yesterday:) ), and we're still decorating/unpacking! Here are a few pics from around our studio yesterday. 
Our new leopard print clutch!
My birthday gift Roger Herman ceramic bowl, filled with Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri makes our space smell sooo good.
A look at the space, this is the back area - our work shop with a sample, moss green Bando bag front and center. I love it. We will add these to site.
Royal blue pebbles being shot. I'm wearing my NY tennies, I spoke of in last post. :)
Bo trying on a black Bando, with grosgrain ribbon detail which was then packaged up and sent to a customer in New York.
A new sample of our leopard clutch! Game changer. Will be on site shortly, I promise...
A lovely yellow oversize clutch we made and sent to Lucky Magazine. Can you say Springtime?! Yowzaaa. I want this bit of sunshine. Once again, it will be on site soon. Hopefully my web guy reads my blog and will follow suit on all these promises. :)
I'm beginning to think that it is my specialty to put things on my blog which are not yet available on the site! I apologize, just trying to keep up with all the balls we have in the air. But have you seen the new site?!! At least you can clearly order clutches of all colors! The Simple Tote in leather!! The "triple threatSac Bretelle!! This is huge for us. I'll just say it for you: Welcome to 2011 Clare Vivier :)...xoxo


Fashion Intel said...

Love the leopard clutch!

elauinc said...

that sunshiney clutch is delish! The studio is lookin' good Clare.

Anonymous said...

CV clutch sighting alert:

Not sure if this is a CV clutch.

Congrats on the new studio. Love ALL your bags!

Mark-Walk New York said...

I was reading Jean and everybody there talked about you so I decided to check the bags out.

Awesome is the word,Can't afford the work tote or for that matter any tote now.Swore to myself that your bag will be the first thing that I get after I start earning ..

Sarah said...

I love the new site! So easy to shop!

Carla said...

I have been coveting your bags for a couple years now--is there any chance you'll be offering promotion codes in the near future to celebrate the new space/new bags? I look at your site every day (at the blue pebbled oversize clutch) but I'm trying to move back to LA in May and I just can't quite swing it, though I just keep envisioning my LA life tooling around town clutching that clutch! Either way, congratulations!

Megan Taylor said...

I can feel the warmth and Vitamin D from that clutch right now! LOVE IT!

elizabeth / sophisticated pie said...

love the new site!!! that yellow clutch with the flower is BEAUTIFUL - HELLO SPRING! Been dying for that Sac Bretelle, so glad it's on the site now.

amelia said...

yayyy!! the bowl looks sooo dreamy!! and i bet it smells amazing!

gina said...

awesome new site! leopard mini sac would be great.

the granola project said...

I am glad the Roger Herman bowl found such an inspired home. Bravo on the new move.

Anonymous said...

Will you be offering the Sac Bretelle in any other colors? Would be great to see pictures of it in its 3 permutations, too!

JOHANNA said...

I just found my way here for the first time, and my gooood, I'm in love with your clutches!!!
They are absolutely gorgeous!

I've been trying to find the right clutch here in Sweden for ages.. Do you sell them anywere here?

/ Johanna

i.rene said...

hi clare, thank you for letting me stop by the other day! there's nothing like seeing all the beautiful clutches in person. and after seeing the bando in person, i have a new item on my wishlist :)

irene from nyc

Jennifer said...

You have to stop making so many awesome new styles.
My wishlist is becoming ridiculous. I can't keep up.
Bando in the Moss??!!
Sac Bretelle??
Leopard clutch (game changer indeed)!!

Michelle's Style File said...

These oversize clutches are perfect!


Le Loup said...

catching up on my blog reads & WOOO HOOO!
you have a beautiful new studio!
what wonderful news!
I can't wait to come visit :)