Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holly Flora

I had the good fortune to co-host a brunch last Sunday afternoon.
I was responsible for setting the table and I was pretty pleased with the lovely glasses, my colorful napkins, nice silverware, etc. 
 Then the flowers girls of Holly Flora came in with their floral delivery for the fete and I was completely blown away by not only their ridiculously beautiful choices of flowers and the artful way they arranged them,
(which was simply exquisite, I mean, come on!)
the handmade pots they were in, 
 but also the fact that they went above and beyond the call of flowers and made arrangements to match the Mexican theme of the brunch with bowls of roses mixed with cacti, and even long wooden vessels filled with black beans, pinto beans, tomatillos, garlic, etc. 
They knocked my simple table setting to a crazy whole other level. 
I was really in awe. Holly Flora is owned by Becky and Holly, two young women who have established a very successful independent business on their own, building their clientele on talent and acumen alone. 
I'm so happy to know them personally as they are true inspirations to me.

p.s. These pictures were taken with my iPhone and there were many more arrangements I didn't even photograph. If you ever need a florist in LA, these girls are serious masters.

(p.p.s. my mother just emailed me that I'd written "to" instead of "two" :) )


Heather Taylor said...

everything i love has collided in this post! it was the table of my dreams.

Squirrel and Starling said...

Gorgeous! A beautifully set table. -Colleen

Megan Taylor said...

This is beautiful Clare, great pictures. Hellz ya iPhone! xo

Cupcakewalker said...

I am so inspired by this -- as a wedding arrangement. Gorgeous!

Sunday Taylor said...

I was there and I can confirm that Clare and Deb did an absolutely beautiful job on this table, and then the "girls" (Holly Flora) came in and knocked it out of the park! It was so gorgeous!

Fashion Intel said...

Who doesn't love a good table setting? Love the arrangements.