Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Superextremities" It's a real word. It means the terminus point of a something. On my arm, that is my clutch. And here is my new one -  the Grande Pochette. Or it used to be my clutch. Someone bought it off me as soon as it came into the store. So it is mine no more...until we get more made. 
It started with a call from a magazine editor. She wanted La Pochette for a shoot she was working on, but I had the feeling that she wanted something bigger, so I said, how about we make a larger one for you? It'd been on our mind already, so this was the kick  in our pants we needed. Above is the mock-up I cut of the leather to test the size.  
Then we turned it into this. I love it. It was purchased before I could even shoot it with a real camera. But this picture, aside from making me impatient for more of these Grande Pochettes to get back to us, made me look at my other superextremities - the rings, the bracelets, the watch I wear everyday.
On the left side: my wedding rings; the "Je t'aime" silver bracelet I purchased years ago which has literally been floating around our house for ages - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, you name it, I've seen this bracelet there - found it's way to my wrist; the neon pink string (with wooden bead unseen) bracelet by Oli & Me; and my odd diamond Rolex Datejust which was a gift from my dad. I say "odd" because I never thought I'd be wearing a diamond watch. It's just a bit, I don't know, ladies-who-lunch for my taste. But there's a funny story* behind it and I've grown to love it so much, probably because it was a gift from my dad, that I am naked without it.
On the right side: Here's a closer look at Grace's Lion ring I spoke about in my last post. I'm becoming very attached.
*Here's the funny/odd story: My dad has a thing for watches. When he was in town visiting me a few years ago, we decided to go to some of the vintage watch places in Beverly Hills. He had wanted to get me a gift so we were looking at 1980s stainless Rolexes, which I thought would be understated but cool. As we were in one store ogling the gorgeous pieces, a young, beautiful woman came in with her watch she wanted to sell. I happened to be standing right at the counter as the dealer examined her watch, determined its authenticity, and then told her he'd give her X amount for it. She responded that so-and-so-BevHills-watch-dealer down the street said he'd give her a couple hundred more. He said he couldn't do it, because he already had the same watch in a case. So lovely young woman and her watch left the shop en route back to the previous dealer. Out on the street, the l.y.w. happened to be parked behind us, so we struck up a conversation with her. To make a longer story shorter than even longer: We ended up buying the diamond Datejust from her - right there on the street - for the wholesale price instead of the price the dealer would have turned around and sold it for. She was an actress, who at that moment was about to have her first film come out - a Wes Craven number. She told us she was getting out of a terrible relationship - selling off all the gifts the ex had given her, the watch being one of them. And that the story of Why I Wear a Diamond Rolex. Not the understated-cool I'd hoped for, but cool schmool! It's a diamond Rolex, sister. I. Cannot. Complain. Thank you for reading. It was longer than I thought. :)


Vee said...

love this size, can't wait for more to be made so I can purchase one!xo

Anonymous said...

That is a great story about the watch. And I totally love that pochette! I would love to see one in salvaged leather!!

- Christine

denise said...

Love it!!...are you still thinking about make Trop in a bigger size?....It was really great to meet you at your shop...Denise from MPLS ;)

J.P. Archie said...

Great story! Gifts from Dad are always the best. Also, I always wanted the Pochette, but wanted it bigger. Look forward to getting one!

amelia said...

hahahahaha that story, or rather the way it's written, made me LOL.

way to rock the rolex!!

p.s. two people in a row asked me where I got my Trop the other day. hope they find their way to the store!

grace said...

thank you for the love clare! xoxo
the lion is finally on line :

sk said...

that's a great story! I think the watch is lovely.

and that pochette is ROCKIN'! I want one.

Heather Taylor said...

Love the watch story! Cozy funny cute xo

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

i absolutely love the new neon looking striped clutch! Just curious so you do wholesale? jen(at)madebygirl(dot)com

CB said...

That is the perfect size! I've been looking for an envelope clutch for a long time. Can't wait to purchase one. It will go well with my blue pebble foldover clutch!

Anonymous said...


I love your bags and your blog! I know this may sound like an odd question, but I am looking into purchasing a vintage rolex and was wondering where you were looking for them? Can you pass on the names of some reputable places?