Thursday, June 9, 2011

Triage Team

I call them when I'm approaching the studio from our production. The situation is that my car is full with heavy bags full of bags, and there's a San Francisco-like parking scenario in our hood. So I call and I say to Matilde, Jocelyn or Scott: Can you send someone out?
 I did this today after spending a long afternoon at our production. And, like an episode of any hospital drama where the doctors are waiting for the ambulance to arrive and the triage to begin, this is who was waiting for me when I pulled up: Jocelyn and Matilde. Dressed like this and beyond ready to run to my car and snatch the heavy bags from the trunk with the swiftness of foxes.  
 I see these two everyday. In fact, I'd already spent the morning with them. But when I saw the two of them running to the car with such vigor and dedication, looking more like fashion models then heavy-lifters, my heart skipped a beat and I said, I've got to photograph you. I wanted to remember this vision. The vision of my small beautiful, hardworking, and committed team.
 Matilde wore a bright purple, silk jumpsuit to work today. Oh bonjour. The bar is set high.
Like another member of triage team, Scott was inside preparing the operating table for the massive delivery of bags full o bags, this is where we attach the logo tags, gold stamp every piece, stuff them, pack them and then very quickly Get. The Bags. Out. The. Door. again to our waiting customers.

p.s. This picture should be called: Matty loves Scottie


BODIE and FOU said...

Jocelyn and Matilde look gorgeous! I envy your L.A. sun. It's pouring down rain here in London.
Did you get my email? Lots of love

ashima said...

Oh you make me so jealous......

in a good way..

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Aww what a great team!! So nice to put faces to names!! Scott and Jocelyn!!! They are great with customer service!! And I'm sure Matilde is too!!

jeana sohn said...

so so cute! love your team!

Megan Taylor said...

Cuuuuute! What sweet peeps. xo