Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Again Home Again

As this picture of Oscar at LAX baggage claim will attest: 
we've returned from our mama-son New York Adventure.
The trip entailed, among other things: promptly losing my wallet with lots of cash, ID & credit cards upon arrival at JFK (actually left it on the airplane but was unable to retrieve it), then having potentially one of the most important phone calls of my career while still at airport waiting for the airline to check the plane one more time, with no money and a hungry child (nice!); a CV sample sale with Tucker at their studio; an important meeting (for me); a couple days with Moni and Rapo at a primely situated lazy motel in Montauk; McQueen at the Met; the 4th at an insanely cool rooftop garden in Soho; city water park slides and the Brooklyn Bridge public pianos with KK and Michael. All in all, a wonderful trip. 

Bike riding with Moni.
Since you can't see in my miniature video, precariously taken while biking, this was Simone's cute country biking outfit: Lemlem top, bikini bottoms, flip flops and a big straw hat.
Moni got one of the very very first Trops and look how fabulous it has aged. I love how dark it has gotten as she has battered this bag around NYC for a coupla years now. On vacation in Montauk with an Isabel outfit, it looks so posh-ily handsome. 
Oscar (and his little friend Smith) chasing waves in the Atlantic for a change.
Bad ass-est vintage shop on the eastern seaboard: Melet Mercantile - the Montauk outpost. The most choosiest selection of clothing and accessories from our past, at a serious price. It's like they've gone back in time and raided only the coolest people's closets and brought everything here.
The day after we went to the Melet shop, Bob the owner had his "epic" yard sale in Ditch Plains - so naturally we had to check it out - it was our chance to actually afford something. We thought it was a block from our motel, so bright-n-early we got our coffees and set out in jammies and bare feet to peruse the goods. Turns out, as we followed the hand-painted arrow signs at every corner, the "epic" sale was actually a good 6 or 8 blocks away and our feet were scorching on the already searing pavement - so one thing was certain, come what may I was buying shoes at that sale. Vintage royal blue, w/ light blue swoosh, Nike Roadrunners from the 1970s came to my rescue. 
We took a long, meandering walk through the park on the way to the McQueen exhibit at the Met. 
Oscar and Ava at the Hans Christian Andersen statue.
Oscars been drawing a lot of "fashion" lately, a response to a having a mother who works in the field and the preponderance of glossy mags around the house, perhaps? 
So I knew he'd like to see the McQueen show. It was a Sunday - there were endless lines to get in to see it. Not kid friendly to say the least, although not Clare-friendly either. However, I discovered that if you buy a membership for $60 you can bypass lines and get all your friends in too! Genius. I loooove bypassing a line. The show was exquisite and so worth it. Oscar loved it and got inspiration for some new drawings.

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