Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late Summer Bowl with M. Gainsbourg

It was a back to school night of sorts at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday. A tribute concert to Serge Gainsbourg ensured that pretty much every parent from Oscar's French school was in attendance. 
I went with Heather and Alex, and my date, le mari, was there working for French tv. 
We brought a perfect summertime yummy picnic - prosciutto wrapped figs stuffed with feta, salumi, rose, etc...
The show was interspersed with interview clips with Serge. Alex caught this quip in the subtitles - nice quote! Ah, the gay French!
The show was unfortunately a bit oddly cast, with sometimes random, non-French singing people seemingly pulled from the street to slaughter the most revered French songs but Victoria LeGrand from Beach House was a welcome voice. Not only could she sing well (and in French), she had just the right amount of Beautiful Awkward, which made me think of Serge's daughter Charlotte. 
I recently saw her new video and I love it! Love the clones, the outfit, the leather jacket, the dancing, and the right amount of creepy. 
Speaking of Charlotte, while looking for this Terrible Angels video on the web, I came across this interview with Charlotte that le mari shot! How cool! It's on her website, click on the "interview" link.

Here's a pic of her parents just for good measure.

And an interview with her parents. 
And for another good measure, I love this picture of her mother with her famous basket bag posted here strictly for idol-atry purposes. :)

Photos from the Bowl courtesy of ADC


BODIE and FOU said...

Really cool interview done by Le Mari :-) love it!
We just had our first 'official' BODIE and FOU video...Not as creative but it was paid for for us :-)


Anna said...

talk about dripping with coolness. jane and serge and charlotte. seriously.

Jenna said...

great post!!

Anonymous said...

Love her style!

Lisa said...

Was the concert put on by the school?
Your take on it was very funny, love the video.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I saw the movie which was released last year.

Anonymous said...


I am embarrassed for Zola Jesus.

Megan Taylor said...

Love this! Wish I could have been at the Bowl with y'all, xo

amelia said...

please don't tell Robyn, but I have a new girl crush.

Vivier said...

Ameels, You could do some damage to that dance number! xox