Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Superior Days

The family is in Blue Fin Bay on Lake Superior this week.
Blog posts have been sporadic, but with these surroundings, as well as, my very large family - siblings, cousins, aunts uncles, nieces nephews, you get the picture, it's hard to post.
 Today we went sailing on this gorgeously ginormous lake which contains 10% of the Earth's fresh water. (Learning lots of fun facts about the region.)
 Yesterday we spotted these two girls jumping off a pier into the cold cold water.
 It's like a dreamscape sometimes.
 Even these random sculptures on the shore are magical. 
 When traveling, I never forget to partake in the fashion of the region (read: I like shopping) - yesterday I bought these locally made Minnetonka mocassins. Some of them are still made locally at least. Of the massive wall of Minnetonka shoes at the general store in Grand Marais, I noticed that some of them were marked "Made in Dominican Republic" (!) but still some are made in here, I made sure the ones I bought were made in MN. 
Local eating too: they fish this smoked trout and herring off the shore. It was delicious.
 As dreamy and remote as we are, I'm still working every chance I get - answering emails and keeping up with the very busy time at the CV HQ. It's ok though because I do loooove my job.
But at sundown, it's all family time and for that I'm so grateful. :)


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos.

Been thinking about MN, Mpls, St.Paul a lot lately as I have been reading "Freedom"

Happy Summer :)

angela said...

Sounds absolutely perfect and looks absolutely stunning!

That smoked trout plate looks like something I would love.

Enjoy the sunshine!

editor said...

Beautiful. It feels like you are soaking it up. Very inspiring. We keep flying East for vacation but you make me think...

susim said...

Beautiful photos, may I ask what camera do you use.

Nice blog.

Jenny said...

We were just up at Two Harbors last week - I love the North Shore. We also just learned the 10% of the world's freshwater fact. It's a great fact, feel like I should have already known that.

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

The fish look so tasty!

Alex said...

Summer doesn't happen unless you jkump into a large body of fresh water. I still have time! Well done Vivier!

Vivier said...

Cannon 5D is the camera, Susim.
Thanks guys! xoxo

Megan Taylor said...

This looks like my dream trip xoxo

Anonymous said...

as susim asked -- what kind of camera/lens are you using? wide angle?

Le Loup said...

hey lady!
i have those mocs & they're my fave around the house wear.
i'm on vacay with the family this week, too! though we're beachside, i can relate to your post...
have a wonderful trip, miss vivier! you deserve it :)