Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GG Getaway

It's a total accident that some of my favorite people are bloggers. But it just so happens to be true and this past weekend I got to spend serious quality time with one, two, three, four of my absolute favs during our weekend getaway in Ojai. 
 We were there to celebrate Jeana Sohn's birthday, which is actually today, and it was just the (much needed) rest and fun that we all craved.
Happy Birthday Jeana! The tire swing was magic.
 Joanna wrote a pretty good synopsis of our weekend here, but she forgot that most of the time we just did this: devour fashion magazines while chatting away.
 Heather managed to get in a little weaving time, (all the while counseling me about work.) I like her new printed pants, perfect weekend getaway attire.
A little bubbly toast to Jeana! 


jeana sohn said...

it was so magical! thanks, ladies. :)

jackie said...

nothing to do with this post but I think I saw your messenger bag on TV today in an ad for tomorrow night's episode of Parks and Recreation. It was brown and Andy and April are running out of a building, Andy is carrying it So cool!

jackie c.

Megan Taylor said...

Looks magical!