Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Last of Venice

OK, these are the last photos of my trip, I promise. All but one of these I actually took - with my iPhone, the only camera I had on me the whole time. Try to guess which one was taken with a professional camera. At the end I will reveal the lone photo.
 The most beautiful cafe in Venice, Florian. Well, I didn't go to all the cafes, and I know there are other amazing ones of course, but this one is pretty special. But I'm sure this was the best hot chocolate in Venice. ;)
Here are our Bellini's at Harry's Bar and these were the best Bellini's in Venice. Guaranteed. Fresh peach juice. I could have drank them all. OK it's too obvious. This is the one. :)
 Sexy wooden taxi in the foreground. The Rialto in background.
 This was taken at Murano island. Behold the calm Adriatic Sea.
 It's called a Rio, not a Canal. There are two canals in Venice, the others are rios. I learned that.
 The black laundry made me take this pic. I love that there's a goth living in this beautiful building.
 Crooked door.
 Classy doorbells. 
Sunsetting on Grand Canal


briannelee said...

That hot chocolate looks AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

The peach juice in Italy is the best, no matter how you drink it. What is it about it? Have been loving your photos of your recent trip, please don't hesitate to continue to dazzle us all. :) Enjoy your entire blog for that matter though. Best 12 to you! ~mindy, a relatively new reader

Vang Xiong said...

I love the photo of the crooked door.

Megan Taylor said...

My heart is full!

madilla said...

I love Venice, its one of my favorite city's. Thank you for bringing back memory's!

Anonymous said...

a goth or a widow..

Anonymous said...

cool post.

jeana sohn said...

these photos are killing me. ahhhh!!!