Friday, March 23, 2012

Studio Scenes

As we actively look for a new space to move into, I'm realizing that I've gotten kind of attached to this sunny corner space. It will make a beautiful store but it has also been a pleasure to work in this light-filled space. Here are some recent scenes from around the studio.
My desk. A mess during the day.
Happy orange iPad cases went to Augustina in Canada.
Most of this shipped to Steven Alan.
Love the light on these suede Simple totes.
300 CV chain print cotton bags being folded for Shopbop.
This shot never gets old. Always pretty to me.
Saehee prepping (untangling) the Minisacs for shipping. I love her neon orange tank showing under the grey.
There's Bri packing bags, bags everywhere, and boxes and our addiction to Uline evident for all...My how the place has changed.
Time for more room!


amelia said...

1. so glad I got to see this LIVE!
2. Barbara Bestor is gonna do your space?! wowwwwww. That's so rad!

saehee said...

we will miss this place

Anonymous said...

What is that blue bag on your desk? Is this a new style? It's beautiful!!!

Esme Oehmig said...

I would also love to know the identity of the blue bag on your desk!

Vivier said...

That is our new duffle bag. It will be available in the store starting in May! The color is called Azul.

Megan Taylor said...

Love the cuties on your desk! Looks like mine, xo

Livyb said...

Gorgeous. Love these photos. I want one of every bag you make! Loving the azul messenger!

MIa Miranda said...

Oh the Minisacs are so lovely!