Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes of an impromptu photo shoot

Michael Edwards and I first met when we waited tables together at Universal Cafe in San Francisco an eternity ago. I'll always say that it was there that we learned a lot of what shaped the people we'd become later in life. We learned about hard work, deserving a good tip, good design, good food and wine, and I, well, I learned about French culture and men by dating the half-French sous chef. (Which lead me to move to France where I would meet my husband.) Michael didn't didn't learn this French lesson, but in any case we established a lasting friendship. He's now a successful photographer and he came to town last week from New York for a job for Esquire magazine. But also this visit, we got to realize a long held desire we've both had to work together again on a shoot for CV.
We didn't really know if he'd have time to do it until the last minute, so there wasn't more than a day (or two) to throw it together. I called/emailed a few girlfriends and a slap-dash shoot was born. All you need is some good-looking girls with beautiful style, a few gorgeous bags ;), a really talented photographer and voilà. Magic. These are my outtakes taken with my iPhone.
We shot new mama Sophie Assa. I was very excited to meet her baby Coco and see what a lovely mother she was - ah, memories!
She was the first girl we shot and I got to see Michael in action. There was the camouflage shot, i.e., tucking into the furthest corner (be that behind furniture or whatnot) to get the best angle.

 Commonly used Michael position: le crouch.
 Jeana Sohn was next on the list...another mama, or rather, soon-to-be mama. So exciting to see my girlfriends enter into the amazing world of motherhood.

 Chez Jeana there was a dresser with her bags posed atop. Honored to have been featured a few times: La Trop - l'original, one of the first off the sewing floor, and a small pile of CV clutches as well. :)
 La Belle Jessica De Ruiter, was also on our list - but the only sneak peak here, besides a glimpse of her very cool jeans and cute shoes, is a look into her CV bag.
 Next up: La hyper chic Heather Beth Taylor. Here's a look into her advance Azul color messenger bag, with her never without cognac flat clutch tucked inside.
 HBT in her majestic living room.
Michael going in for the camo shot.
Sometimes though, sometimes, the shot just needed to be got with his feet up.
In Heather's kitchen: gorgeous flowers in a vase from Monaco I found for her at a flea market in rural France. The guy I bought it from told me that this was the typical pottery from Monaco. Gilded, of course.
p.s. I hope to share Michael's shots with you real soon!


glorisa said...

lovely, can't wait to see the photos...

Vang said...

Beautiful! Excited to see the rest of the photos.

briannelee said...

Loved seeing these! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Thea vintage said...

What a wonderful photo shoot!

Barbie // Fringe and Feathers said...

Great behind the scenes! Looking forward to seeing the results

jennifer said...

Will the Azul messenger be for sale in your online shop?