Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movin' It

We've been working in a sunny chaos for the past couple of weeks, but working we have been. We've outgrown a couple of spaces recently, so we're on the move again. And we've got to get out of our current Sunset Blvd storefront studio so that we can start the build out of very first CV store in this location.
I think I have one of the best teams in the world: Jocelyn, Saehee, Tran, Elena and Thomas and recently Myra and a few other people here and there. They work so hard and are always 1. up for a cup of coffee and 2. a pleasure to be around.
Smack dab in the middle of moving our work place: big orders still have to ship to stores. So boxes are being packed to ship and boxes are being packed to move.
 And all the while, they smile. I love them.
Here's what our studio looks like these days:
 Each box, either meticulously labeled by Saehee as stock going out to stores, 
 or a little more poetically labeled by Thomas. I love this, a boy's vernacular for "dust bag".
 In the middle of the chaos, Jocelyn brings little moments of peace like this sample of a nude leather dish with snapping corners we'll sell at the store. Who amongst us doesn't need a cute catchall for their bedroom flotsam? 
 Tomorrow we move here: our new pink abode. Kind of a funny place, but a stone's throw from our store, and twice the size we've been in - sounds perfect to me.
Today the magical Ikea elves constructed furniture for us. And there's an oven which we already know Saehee will use to bake us cookies on a regular basis. Or, okay, I'm just hoping that. 
I got to work in there today and experienced the peacefulness of the uncluttered new space. Tomorrow, when the movers drop off all the boxes of bags, office supplies, computers, leathers, the work tables, and inspiration boards it will be a different story, or rather, a new chapter. And I'm so excited to see what it brings.


Chic Geek said...

Congratulations! I absolutely love seeing all of your well deserved success! I just posted on your new card cases and am totally obsessed with the pink stripe! SOLD out on shopbop! woohooo! Keep it up.
Lots of love from the east coast!

leigh said...

really interesting to see the production process + i actually really love the new pink building. and, it will be easy to explain how to find the building! :)

saehee said...

aw clare! we love you too!

Jessica said...

Yay! Congrats on your success! I love the sneak peeks into the production process, it's nice to see where my bags come from :)

Unknown said...

best of luck
you are fab!

Megan Taylor said...

Love the pink abode!!!

jeana sohn said...

can't wait to check out the space! congrats!!!

Annette Lin said...

You have such an awesome team, a lot of fun to hang out with! Thanks for letting me stop by - I actually wanted to come hang out another time haha but I ran out time/figured I should stop pestering you guys. Thanks again! Can't wait to see the new store!

Jenny said...

So cool - love being able to see this happening step by step all the way from St. Paul. Congrats!