Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mini Minnie Day

I had the pleasure of spending some of the day with the designer Minnie Mortimer today. 

I hung out in the courtyard (along with a few other designers) and sold a few bags in celebration of Minnie and her friend Natalie's store opening in Brentwood.
MM made off with a CV striped simple tote, and a neon striped grande pochette. 
I love them combined with her mariner stripes.
photo credit: minniemortimer on instagram
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Anonymous said...

Hi!! My first clare vivier bag arrived last week, which is the Messanger bag, and I'm completey in love with it!! :) this bag can go with pretty much all kinds of style, very chic and comfortable! And because i love it so much i'm thinking of getting another CV bag, perhaps the Simple leather tote. Do they come with the shoulder strap? I can see that the 'simple suede totes' have shoulder strap but the Simple 'leather' totes don't show picture of shoulder strap... If someone could give me the answer that would be great...!

Anonymous said...

Love the striped tote - are they available for purchase yet?

the fashlight said...

hii, i visited your shop in LA and had a chance to meet you, almost a year ago. I am so glad that you have opened new stores!

congrats and i will be buying your new pastel clutches soon!


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