Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Store News

While in New York last week, le mari texted me this picture he took while driving by our store. Having moved into our new studio, 3339 Sunset Blvd is free for the work of turning this space into our first CV store to begin! 
That's exciting news to be sure, but wait, let's just take a closer look at this painter. Umm, did someone call central casting and hire a "cute French painter"? He's got a mariner shirt on, white painters pants, blue gloves and what appears to be a beret, but I'm sure it's just some sort of equally cute proper painters cap.
 A couple of days later he sent this picture on French painterman's progress. I see he's taken off the mariner shirt but still in proper all white painters gear, I fully approve of this guy. And lovely work to boot. French blue. Check.
Here's what's happening on the inside. That's Marshall on the right he's in charge and moving quickly.
I found these chairs for the store at the PCC flea market on Sunday. They're a little beaten, but I love them. I hope we have a space for them. They will be our [what is officially called the] "boyfriend" chair (s) in retail-speak. Did you know that? So while you shop your boyfriend can sit and every now and then look up from his iPhone and tell you how good you look in that clutch or that Trop or that blue Messenger bag?
Speaking of boys...yesterday, we were featured on one of our most favorite blogs Tomboy Style. Lizzie Garrett came by the studio and charmed the heck out of all of us. By the time she was done we wanted her to come work out of our studio so she wouldn't have to leave. She's just published a book inspired from her blog, please check it out. Every page is a girl with cuter style than the last. I want to be all of them.


Anna said...

the chairs are great!

Fen said...

ahh what great news about your new store, it looks amazing! :) x

Megan Taylor said...

I went to the SF book release of "Tomboy Style." She seems like an awesome gal! Love the book :) So cool that you were on the blog. XO

Elsie said...

this is so exciting Clare! I'm looking forward to seeing the new space and the new bags!!

D said...

I had those chairs in my first apt .."vintage" pier 1 ;) congrats on the new store !