Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Returns and the White Jumpsuit

Yes, it's true we actually decided to do the most unoriginal thing today - SURPRISE! go shopping (or returning, rather.) We actually got a baby sitter so we could go do so without child. But here's the surprise! This is what I wore. My jumpsuit is a 1970s French, homemade number courtesy of my friend Laetitia who was cleaning her closet recently. It belonged to her mother, who wore it in Paris nearly 4 decades ago; then Laetitia got some subsequent use of it; and now it's mine - American lady living a quasi-French life in Los Angeles, circa 2010. The Various Lives of the White Jumpsuit - in theaters soon. (Featuring proper use of the semi colon.)
Pretty freaking hot, no? And don't say no, because it is. A bit painterly, yes, but still! I can assure you I got some looks today at the Americana at Brand, in Glendale, CA. I kept wondering why people were looking at me? And then I remembered, oh I'm wearing a white zip-up jumpsuit, and they wish they were, too. ;) Yay. On another note, I'm not fond of that place (the Americana.) And I try. I'm not one of those, oh I hate malls for hating malls sake of it all. No, I didn't hold any prejudices. I tried to like it, but I just don't. But who cares, you know I'll go back, there's a always the cinema. I'll choose stadium seating within 20 min of my house any day, dancing water fountains be damned.


Jennifer said...

You are my hero for wearing that, and wearing it to the Brand!

Alex said...

The Americana is able to privately deliver the kind of public experience that our town can't seem to provide. A wave of Public Private Partnerships is coming, complete with private security telling you to stop taking pictures because you're on private property.