Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the simple things I love

Like Tiger, I'm stepping out. But only on my blog. I guested for another one yesterday and it went live today. Have a look.

This a wonderful blog, if it's not already on your blog-love list, it's must add. Joslyn is devoted and creative and there's always content to inspire. I was honored to be asked to list my favs for her Friday blog, and what a fun exercise! I'm sure it was therapeutic in some way.

Here's a sample of a couple of things j'adore:


Lisa said...

I love your list at Simply Lovely. I'm new to classical, what Pablo Casals album should I try?

Lisa said...

Simple Lovely :)

nativekee said...

thiery's family photos are insanely chic!! love them! next time i come over you had better hide the lot of them, or i may get some sticky fingers!! :) lovely post all together & sister corita is also a supa fave of mine. xo

Megan Taylor said...

i love the around-the-house vignettes. they make me happy too, just looking over, and seeing a perfectly set up still!

p.s. David Aloi is a friend in SF. He writes beautiful short stories and we have lunch a lot. He suggested "left justified" at Haystacks, my favorite little Pizza Parlor in Noe. xo!

mercharp said...

I like the little spikes of oyalty peppered through out. A near secret code, which I nearly cracked.