Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Days Until Christmas (?)

I'm a Minnesota girl and I don't think I'll ever get used to Christmas in Los Angeles. I have barely a notion that it's 2 days 'til Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Does this look like a Xmas sky? This was from the bedroom window this morning, before I tore outta bed to commence black Shipping Day 09.
Jocelyn and I (with a lot-o-help from a dear friend gone rogue from her real job during her looong lunch, ahem) had a real Santa-like day. It was, by far, an all time shipping record at the ol' CViv hq. Starting bright and early this a.m., Project Make-it-there-for-Xmas gave UPS and USPS a run their money. Overnight air, two day air, we did it all - whatever it took to get the pressies under the trees for Christmas morning. Bisous to those shipping companies! I literally wanted to hug my UPS guy when he came today to haul off the packages. I had the feeling that he really cared to get those items to destinations with a real kick to his step. Sure a few things get lost every once and a while, but man, when you think of how those companies go into overdrive these coupla days to get everyone their goods it's pretty cool. So, go ahead, hug a driver.

Le mari snapped this pic of the work room today. It was not cute. It was not well-appointed today. It looked like a tornado had gone through it. And I'm on the phone and looking at my watch. I think I did that a lot today.

Here's something that happened, I have two bags that are my biggest sellers - La Trop and the Navy messenger. So not too surprisingly, I had plenty of holiday orders for these bags. What is a surprise is that as late as last Thursday, I had no navy messengers left, many orders to fill and I was completely out of navy leather as was my local source. They'd been telling me for weeks that it was coming, yes, next Monday. Oh, next Monday. No, not here yet. Next Friday. Friday, no not yet...It never came. Finally last Wednesday, when they told me that it still wasn't here and wasn't going to be here 'til after Christmas, I had to get a bit huffy. Not too huffy, just enough to say, um, come on now, I've bought a lot of leather from you recently can't you do something to get the leather here from Italy, like um FED EX it NOW??! Lo and behold, they did. It arrived Monday a.m. My sewers kicked it into high gear and made all the navy messengers for Christmas orders by today. Bless. my. sewers. Bless. two. day. air. It's been the kind of season where I've nary a thought for my own family's Christmas. I've not gotten a single gift for a loved one yet. But we do have a tree,
hung with many vintage Mexican tin ornaments like this:
And as of today - we have a stellar gingerbread house:
And I've got two days to get all the rest. Nothing is shipping tomorrow. CLAREVIVIER is closed until next week. Famille Vivier Christmas starts. (And if you're one of those people who receives a Clare Vivier item for Christmas, thank you. And please know we kicked ass to get it to you on time!)


Crystal Keesey said...

BIG pat on the back, amie. I hear you about the time for the famille!


Megan Taylor said...

Last night Liz and I exchanged gifts under the tree! She loved her CLAREVIVIER present. Now she is set with winter and summer wraps, as she likes to think of them. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am MOST impressed.

Prosecco said...

You rock, Clare!! A gorgeous gray messenger was waiting for me when I got home last night… true love. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get some much-deserved rest and relaxation.


Jennifer said...

You hard workin' lady!
Have a great and well-deserved holiday!


smuk & klog said...

i like the CLAREVIVIER uniform!

Alex said...

Soon they'll be chanting in the streets, Viva Vivier!